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Windows 365

Showing terms for the Microsoft Customer Agreement program. Not all terms apply to all products and programs. Get help selecting a program.


Use the chart below to see which Windows 365 products are available with which programs.
Product MCA Program Attribute
Windows 365 Business
Windows 365 Business (with Windows Hybrid Benefit)
Windows 365 Enterprise

Product Conditions:

Provides additional information related to acquiring the Product, such as prerequisites for purchase, prior versions, and the applicable Product Pool.

Product Conditions - General
Terms of ServiceUniversal License Terms for Online Services (Windows 365 Windows operating system is governed by the Universal License Terms for all Software and includes specific terms in the Windows Desktop Operating System)
Product PoolSystem

License Assignment

Windows 365 Business License Assignment Eligibility

Windows 365 Business licenses may be assigned to any user.

Windows 365 Business with Windows Hybrid Benefit License Assignment Eligibility 

The Licensed User must be the Primary User of at least one device licensed with Windows 10/11 Pro. This one device must also be the Primary User’s primary work device, and they must access the service from their Windows 10/11 Pro licensed device at least once every subscription term in which the service is used to maintain eligibility for the discounted pricing through Windows Hybrid Benefit.

Windows 365 Enterprise License Assignment Eligibility 

The Licensed User must be licensed with each of the following: Windows 10/11 Enterprise, Intune, and Azure Active Directory P1/P2. In addition to being available independently, all these licenses are also included in Microsoft 365 F3/E3/E5/A3/A5/Business Premium/Student Use Benefit.

License Reassignment  

Replacing a user’s Windows 365 Business/Enterprise license with another Windows 365 Business/Enterprise license does not count as “reassignment” and Customer may make such replacements at any time. 

Windows 365 Business Maximum License Quantity

Customer may not acquire more than 300 Windows 365 Business/Windows 365 Business with Windows Hybrid Benefit licenses.

Service Specific Terms

Network Egress

Microsoft reserves the right to restrict network egress due to high bandwidth usage.  

Use as a Server

You may not use the service to perform server functions to devices outside of the service or to third parties.

Distributed Computing

You may not use the service for sustained distributed computing or digital asset transaction validation workloads.

Data Handling

Windows 365 integrates Customer Data from other Online Services, including Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Intune, Azure Virtual Desktop, and other Online Services as configured by Customer, if any (collectively for purposes of this provision “Windows 365 Input Services”). Once Customer Data from Windows 365 Input Services is integrated into Windows 365, only the Universal License Terms for all Online Service, the Service Specific Terms for Windows 365, and the DPA [] provisions applicable to Windows 365 apply to that data.

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