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Microsoft is committed to giving people access to the skills they need for jobs in the growing knowledge economy. To support this commitment, we created Elevate America. Elevate America incorporates a number of programs and resources that share a common focus;providing technology skills training, and resources to help people find employment.

  • Program Overview
  • State Voucher Program
  • New To Computing
  • Our veterans initiative helps U.S. veterans to transition from military to civilian employment.
  • Our community initiative focuses on working in partnership with nonprofit organizations who provide technology access and training in their local community to help people find employment.
  • Our online resources offer no-cost and low-cost training assets that help people develop better technology skills.
  • Our state voucher program, launched in 2009 in partnership with states across the country, provided nearly 900,000 training and certification vouchers through local state workforce programs through August 2010.


The Elevate America Veterans Initiative is helping to prepare veterans and their spouses to be successful in today's workplace.

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