A man draws on a computer monitor.

A man draws on a computer monitor

Device safety and environmental information

At Microsoft, product safety, compliance, and sustainability are integral to our mission to design and build products that empower every person and every organization to achieve more.

Product safety

Microsoft complies with laws and policies to ensure safety for employees, customers, and the public. Find product safety-related information and learn more about safe use.

Device recycling

We work with recycling companies, Microsoft stores, and supply chain partners to manage the end-of-life process. Learn where to recycle products, batteries, and packaging.

Eco profiles

We publish data on greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, and more for many of our products. Learn about environmental features, energy efficiency, materials used, and recyclability.

Device energy efficiency

We work to improve the energy-saving features of our hardware product portfolio. Learn more about our commitment to the energy efficiency of our products.

Environmental compliance

Microsoft devices fulfill strict environmental criteria including, but not limited to, compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Learn more about our approach to environmental compliance.

Social and Environmental Accountability

We work to ensure that our suppliers uphold high standards for responsible and ethical business practices. We collaborate with them to positively impact their workers and communities.