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We achieve our mission by building trust with people and organizations around the globe. Our goals are only possible when people trust Microsoft and trust our technology.

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How do we earn and build trust? It starts by applying our culture and values to build lasting relationships inside and outside Microsoft. Our values are the enduring principles that guide us to do business with integrity as we strive to win trust every day. Our culture is our operating framework—who we are and how we behave.

Microsoft’s Standards of Business Conduct (our “Trust Code”) will show you how we will use our culture and values to build and preserve trust with our customers, governments, investors, partners, representatives, and each other, so we can achieve more together.

Letter from Satya Nadella



Each one of us shapes our culture through our words and actions. We strive to build a diverse and inclusive culture that embraces learning and fosters trust—a culture where every employee can do their best work.


Making good decisions and ethical choices in our work builds trust in each other and with our customers and partners. You should never compromise your personal integrity or the company’s reputation and trust in exchange for any short-term gain.


We are more likely to make ethical choices when integrity, honesty, and compliance guide our decision making. We should always be transparent about our motives, learn from our mistakes, and ask for help when faced with a difficult situation. I expect leaders and managers to foster a culture where employees feel free to ask questions and raise concerns when something doesn’t seem right.


Our Standards of Business Conduct (our “Trust Code”) emphasizes the role that each of us plays in building trust, and the approach you should take in making decisions. When we apply these principles in our daily work, we can move forward with confidence in our ability to make good decisions that build trust and empower our customers and partners to achieve more.


Thank you very much.

Black and white photograph of Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft.

Satya Nadella

Chairman and CEO

How to use the Trust Code to make good decisions

Making good decisions and ethical choices builds trust between each of us and the people we interact with. But not all situations you encounter are straightforward—how do you make the best choice when facing difficult or unclear circumstances? How do you navigate ethical dilemmas? While our Trust Code won’t tell you exactly what to do in every situation, it serves as a guide to help you make good decisions and navigate complex situations where the answer might not always be clear.

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When faced with a difficult decision or situation, follow these steps:

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Speak up when something is not right, so that we can address the problem.

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