A new generation of technology innovation is revolutionizing how people work, connect, and experience the world. To help companies and organizations worldwide build on this momentum and achieve more, we offer several technology transfer programs that accelerate product development.

Powering transformative change

Microsoft program offerings

Microsoft’s investments in research and development help create new and better Microsoft products, services, and experiences for the benefit of our customers.

Many of our key technologies are available through our Microsoft Technology Licensing group.

Key programs


A file storage protocol that can handle extremely large file sizes, enabling seamless file exchange between devices that use removable storage, across devices and operating systems.

Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)

A powerful communications protocol for syncing email, calendars, contacts, and tasks on tablets and mobile phones. Accurate and reliable, EAS is a key technology for mobile and tablet makers as well as app developers.

Server Message Block (SMB)

A file sharing protocol that serves as a ‘common language’ for local area networks. SMB allows seamless file transfer across operating systems and networked devices, including printers, faxes, and scanners.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

The foundation of remote desktop client solutions that enable a Windows desktop to be run remotely, even on non-Windows devices.


Royalty-free access to patents and sample source code to enable broadband through use of TV white space spectrum in rural areas.


PlayReady has a wide and deep ecosystem that reaches a broad array of devices and operating systems to protect premium content while driving the optimal user experience.

Microsoft Windows Media Components

Original transform based codes developed by Microsoft and built into most versions of Windows. Audio codecs include Pro, Lossless, and Voice. Video codec includes Microsoft’s implementation of the VC-1 standard.

Microsoft Azure IP Advantage

Azure IP Advantage protects Azure customers against IP risks when innovating in the cloud and at the edge. The program includes a “patent pick” from 10,000 patents to help defend against an IP lawsuit that targets Azure workloads or the software on IoT devices that are connected to Azure, among other IP benefits.

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Engage Microsoft for questions other than technology licensing

Microsoft has established a comprehensive review process to evaluate third-party requests. AskCELA@microsoft.com provides a safe and effective way to engage Microsoft with business questions and ensures timely feedback and relevant resources.

Open Specifications Licensing Programs

To facilitate interoperability with its most popular products, Microsoft licenses the patents that cover technical specifications for the protocols used to communicate with those products, its most popular binary file formats, and key standards and languages that are implemented in certain Microsoft products. Visit the Open Specifications Dev Center for details.

Microsoft Technology Licensing (MTL)

Microsoft Technology Licensing (MTL) is a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation. MTL manages the company’s patents and tech transfer activities. Please contact us if your business could benefit from our programs.

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