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Microsoft’s Standards of Business Conduct (our “Trust Code”) will show you how to apply our culture and values to build and preserve trust with our customers, governments, investors, partners, representatives, and each other, so we can achieve our mission.

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Trust with customers Trust with governments and communities Trust with each other Trust with our investors and the public Trust with our representatives

  • By following local privacy and data protection laws.
  • By providing clear and accurate privacy notices when collecting or processing personal data, including employee personal data.
  • By honoring privacy choices by using customer data to provide the services customers have agreed to.
  • By protecting our customers’ data through building secure products and services.


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Privacy Policy (internal only)

Privacy principles

  • By refusing to offer or pay bribes or kickbacks to anyone.
  • By prohibiting corrupt payments of all kinds, including payments to secure permits or approvals, and small payments to speed up a routine government process (often known as a “facilitating payment”).
  • In any deal, we will avoid hidden terms or arrangements and reduce complexity wherever possible, because transparent transactions reduce the risk of a bribe or kickback.
  • By using partners that have a reputation for integrity, and reporting signs that a representative is unethical or could be paying a bribe.
  • By making sure that any gifts, hospitality, or travel we offer to government officials or customers are reasonable and appropriate, and pre-approved where necessary.
  • By hiring candidates based on their merits, and not make hiring decisions to benefit a customer or government official.
  • If we make charitable donations, we will do so to support a legitimate charitable cause, not as part of an exchange of favors.


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Anti-Corruption Policy 

Giving Gifts, Hospitality & Travel to Government Officials (internal only)

Commitment to anti-corruption and anti-bribery

  • By avoiding any formal or informal agreements with competitors that limit competition.
  • By respecting competitive bidding processes, and not rigging or fixing the outcomes or helping anyone else do so.
  • By not dictating the prices that our independent channel partners charge their customers.
  • By gathering competitive intelligence using only appropriate resources, being truthful, and not misrepresenting who we are.


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Competitive Intelligence Policy (internal only)

Microsoft Fair Competition Policy (internal only)

Upholding our Trust Code

Employees’ responsibilities Role of managers

Read, understand, and comply

Read, understand, and comply with this Trust Code, and the policies, laws, and regulations that apply to your job.

Speak up

Speak up when we see possible violations of the Trust Code, Microsoft policies, and legal and regulatory requirements.

Be truthful

Be truthful and cooperate fully in any internal investigations. Do not conceal or destroy information.

Complete training

Complete training on the Trust Code, and attest that you understand and commit to comply with the Trust Code. Failing to read or attest to the Trust Code does not excuse you from these responsibilities.

Microsoft’s Standards of Business Conduct and its Compliance and Ethics Program are endorsed by and have the full support of Microsoft’s Board of Directors. The Board of Directors and management are responsible for overseeing the Compliance and Ethics Program and compliance with these Standards. These Standards apply to Microsoft, its Board of Directors, and all employees, directors, executive officers of Microsoft. When we refer to “Microsoft” we mean Microsoft Corporation and all its subsidiaries and affiliates in which it directly or indirectly owns more than 50% of the voting controls. References to “employees” include the Board of Directors, employees, directors, and executive officers of Microsoft. Only the Board of Directors may waive a provision of these Standards for a director or executive officer. Any waiver that is granted to a director or executive officer will be publicly disclosed as required by NASDAQ listing requirements and applicable laws, rules, and regulations. These Standards are important to us. Violation of these Standards may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. ​Employees are expected to always exercise common sense and good judgment and to act responsibly, irrespective of the existence of a policy that prohibits specific behavior.

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Speak up when something is not right, so that we can address the problem.

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