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Microsoft Rural Airband Initiative: technology and patents

Microsoft believes the U.S. can bring broadband coverage to rural areas within a 5-year time frame, based on a strategic approach that combines private sector capital investments in new technologies with public sector support.  Microsoft further believes that other countries can use the same approach to bring broadband coverage to their rural areas over time.  To accomplish this goal, we are prepared to invest in and catalyze broader market adoption of this new model through our Airband technology program.  The Airband program offers businesses, non-profits, and government organizations royalty-free access to over 50 Microsoft patents, along with sample source code related to technology we’ve developed to better enable broadband connectivity using TV white space spectrum in rural areas.

Microsoft White Space Patents and our patent pledge

Microsoft promises not to assert any of the White Space Patents listed below against any person or entity for their efforts to provide or support the provision of internet access to rural or underserved markets. Microsoft may occasionally expand the list as it procures additional patents directed towards TV white space technology.

  • US10129883
  • US10334507
  • US10334658
  • US10349444
  • US10383006
  • US7876786
  • US8179797
  • US8185120
  • US8254393
  • US8437790
  • US8473989
  • US8488633
  • US8547862
  • US8805427
  • US8811903
  • US8812011
  • US8849269
  • US8879573
  • US8923770
  • US8929933
  • US8929935
  • US8938272
  • US9042935
  • US9094834
  • US9094837
  • US9178652
  • US9179323
  • US9271156
  • US9277032
  • US9288681
  • US9288682
  • US9301299
  • US9313664
  • US9357402
  • US9386558
  • US9392568
  • US9397723
  • US9408132
  • US9438374
  • US9462479
  • US9538390
  • US9544777
  • US9674839
  • US9681367
  • US9705637
  • US9723541
  • US9730186
  • US9763255
  • US9769796
  • US9787507
  • US9801074
  • US9854501
  • US9883406
  • US9918313
  • US9924371
  • US10716113

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