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Trustworthy representatives

Our representatives must comply with our integrity standards and policies.

Trust with our representatives

We hold ourselves to high ethical standards, and we expect our representatives, who are the partners, vendors, consultants, and other companies who work on our behalf, to meet the standards we set for ourselves. We earn trust with our representatives when we return value to them, and don’t ask them to do anything we would not do ourselves.
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Supplier Code of Conduct

We expect our suppliers to commit to operating in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and to adhere to the Supplier Code of Conduct while doing business with or on behalf of Microsoft. Suppliers are responsible for training all employees who work on behalf of Microsoft. We provide required training on the Supplier Code of Conduct for suppliers.

Partner Code of Conduct

We expect our partners to embrace and continually improve and uphold Microsoft’s ethical and integrity standards, and to operate in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, while conducting business with Microsoft customers. Partners are responsible for training all employees who work on behalf of Microsoft and to adhere to the Partner Code of Conduct.
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Anti-Corruption Policy for Microsoft representatives

Microsoft Corporation, and all of its subsidiaries and joint ventures worldwide ("Microsoft"), requires its channel partners (for example, resellers, software advisors, original equipment manufacturers, and distributors), suppliers, vendors, consultants, lobbyists, and any other third-party representative (collectively, "Microsoft Representatives") to comply with this anti-corruption policy.

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Compliance with anti-corruption laws

Each Microsoft Representative is expected to conduct itself with high ethical standards and comply with the FCPA and all other applicable anti-corruption laws. No Microsoft Representative shall, directly or indirectly, promise, authorize, offer, or pay anything of value (including but not limited to gifts, travel, hospitality, charitable donations, or employment) to any Government Official1 or other party to improperly influence any act or decision of such official for the purpose of promoting the business interests of Microsoft in any respect, or to otherwise improperly promote the business interests of Microsoft in any respect.

1 "Government Official" refers to all of the following: (i) any employee of a government entity or subdivision, including elected officials; (ii) any private person acting in a government role, even if just temporarily. (iii) officers and employees of companies that are owned or controlled by the government; (iv) candidates for political office; (v) political party officials; and (vi) officers, employees and representatives of public international organizations, such as the World Bank and United Nations. Representatives are also made aware that in certain countries and in certain industries, an individual who seems to work for a private entity might be considered a Government Official.

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