How to report a concern

Raising a concern should be as easy as possible. That’s why there are a variety of ways to tell us when something’s wrong. Choose whichever reporting option you are most comfortable using. Whichever option you choose, your confidentiality will be protected.


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Additional resources

In addition, you can always raise concerns with your manager, any Microsoft manager, HR, Finance, or CELA.

Where permitted by the law of your country, your reports may be made anonymously through our external hotline, or you can ask Microsoft Business & Regulatory Investigations to treat your report as anonymous.


Speak up when something’s not right

Part of building a culture of trust is learning to speak up when something’s not right, so that we can address the problem. You don’t have to have all the details or be sure that something is wrong to raise an integrity concern. We strive to treat your reports seriously, fairly, and to act promptly if something needs to be fixed based on what we learn.

How managers should handle concerns

If someone comes to you with a concern, you have a special responsibility to listen and act. Handling concerns appropriately is critical to preserving trust and protecting Microsoft. As a manager, you should feel empowered to resolve performance issues, but you should escalate integrity concerns about business ethics or misconduct to Microsoft Business & Regulatory Investigations. If you have a question or are not sure whether you can or should resolve the issue yourself, you can always email Business Conduct and Compliance for advice.

Email Business Conduct and Compliance
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Speak up when something is not right, so that we can address the problem.

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