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Microsoft patents

Microsoft is committed to responsible intellectual property management, including the creation of a healthy patent ecosystem around the world that promotes and encourages innovation.

About our patents program

Our patent portfolio reflects our long-time investment in R&D across multiple technology areas, ranging from operating systems, security, productivity, and cloud computing to emerging technologies like AI, mixed reality, and quantum computing. While traditionally Microsoft has been among the top 10 companies in patents issued each year, we focus on the quality, rather than the quantity, of patents in our portfolio. This reflects an effort to focus on innovation worth patenting, and to ensure Microsoft’s portfolio is aligned closely to the future of the company and the industry.

We support policies to promote patent quality, including issuance of patent claims that are clear and valid, via predictable and efficient prosecution and adjudication. We also support transparency of ownership. Microsoft’s patent portfolio, like our products and services, has a global focus. With over 80% of our patents filed in multiple countries, we support harmonization of patent laws and procedures.

Microsoft offers several of its key technologies for licensing. Visit Technology Licensing to learn about these programs.

Intellectual property

Innovation is at the heart of Microsoft as a company.

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