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Saving time! It is something we all want to do as time is a limited resource. One thing that can eat into our free time is keeping up with new technology. Building a lab to run through some demos can be time consuming so I wanted to share some free resources with you that I use to save time in building up a learning environment.

-TechNet Virtual Labs offer ready to go, online labs on a number of topics

-MSDN Virtual Labs, the same as TechNet Virtual Labs for the developer in you

-VHD Downloads, ready to go VHDs of Windows, SQL Server, SharePoint and more

There are tons of great resources you can leverage in your continued learning but these ones cut out some of hardware resources and time needed to get things running. What resources do you use? I'd be happy to feature them on a blog post. Email me and tell me how they've helped you.

P.S. If you are experiencing any rendering issues with our new TechNet Flash, please let me know. We're always open to hearing your feedback on the new Newsletter layout!

Information Protection with Windows Rights Management Services
Virtual Lab
Information Protection using AD RMS in the Intranet
Security Information for the Regular IT Guy
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Go Virtual
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Hosted virtual labs
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Virtualization based lab
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News in a Flash

Are you on the Windows 7 Beta ? If so, this message is for you!

You need to move to the RC and fast. Starting July 1st, the Beta will start to reboot every 2 hrs and expire Aug 1st. If you want to download the RC, the RC download program closes August 15th. After that, the download will not be available, however you can still install the RC and get a key if you need one. (To get a key, just go to the Downloads page and follow the instructions.)
Introducing Bing!

Bing is the new Microsoft Search Experience! Microsoft took a new approach to go beyond search to build what we call a decision engine. With a powerful set of intuitive tools on top of a world class search service, Bing will help you make smarter, faster decisions. Start using www.bing.com today!
How Canada can return to its ICT glory years

Across the board, speakers at Monday’s Industry Canada sponsored conference on the digital economy agreed that Canada needs major reforms to return to the global stage as an ICT leader. Find out how some industry observers want to kick off the rebound.
Join the MAP Toolkit 4.0 Beta Program and Get Ready for Windows 7

Evaluate your IT infrastructure readiness for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 with the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 4.0 Beta. MAP 4.0 Beta also conducts server virtualization assessments for Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V. Download the MAP 4.0 Beta today. (Live ID and registration required.)
Get the New Resource Guide for Developing Virtualization Solutions

Register today for the Configuration Manager 2007 Service Pack 2 Open Beta Program here and learn more.
Little or Large Virtualization Servers, Which Is Right for You?

Picking the right server configurations for a Hyper-V virtual server system is critical for getting the most out of hardware. See the two extremes of virtualization: one of the largest servers (Intel Nehalem-EX) and the littlest servers (Via Nano).
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Learning Snacks
Core IO (14 minutes) Organizations need to optimize their IT infrastructure so that it can keep up with their growing business needs. Microsoft provides three models that define a roadmap for organizations to reach infrastructure maturity. This Snack describes the Core Infrastructure Optimization model, which can help organizations improve the current state of their IT infrastructure.
Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (14 minutes) The Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) is a suite of products that can help organizations implement the Core Infrastructure Optimization model. This Learning Snack explains how the MDOP facilitates Infrastructure Optimization. It also demonstrates procedures for recovering lost files and managing Group Policy objects.
IT Manager
>IT Manager Podcast Episode 29: Answering your questions about Software + Services. Listen now Download MP3. Learn more at www.microsoft.ca/itpodcast
Tech·Ed 2009 Video: Interview with IT Management Hub’s Evren Toktas Watch this short live interview with the driving force behind the community hub for IT managers as she walks you through the useful areas in this online resource.
View Video Interviews, Keynotes, and Blog Posts at Tech•Ed North America 2009
Virtualize Now with Microsoft's Planning Guides and Tools - Virtualization Solution Accelerators
Making Unified Communication Work for Your Organization
IT Strategy and Management: Navigating the Challenge Ahead
Additional TechNet Resources
How Microsoft IT Does It
TechNet Magazine Online
IT Manager Community Hub
Windows 7 TechCenter
TechNet Evaluation Center
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