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Submitted Date: 2/21/2012

Suggested Resources for Windows Phone Development 

Curriculum Resources

Windows Phone Programming in C# (Windows Phone Version 7.5)
This material contains a ten chapter textbook with labs, demos and step by step instructions on how to create Windows Phone 7 applications. Each of the chapters has a folder with the presentations, lab content and demonstrations. The demonstration slides contain step by step instructions in the slide notes.

Introduction to Game Programming with XNA and Windows Phone 7
This material is a 16-hour course designed to teach students how to build a 2D interactive video game. Included in this information are PowerPoint slides, labs and the associated source code. It is designed for students with a background in CS3 (data structure).

Introduction to Mobile Application Development Using Silverlight
This course teaches students through lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and homework assignments. Students learn the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to develop a mobile application on the Windows Phone 7.5 platform using Microsoft Silverlight. Prior to taking this course, you should have some background in programming (preferably C#, but C, C++, Java helps).

Designing for Windows Phone
This material contains the following 7 lessons on how to design for the Windows Phone: METRO Design, Building WP7 Assets, Layout Controls in Expression Blend, Creating Animation and Basic Interactivity, Working with the Visual State Manager, Adding Data to your Application and Creating the Flickr4Fun app.

Windows Phone and Azure
This short course is an add-on to Windows Phone Programming in C# (Windows Phone Version 7.5) above. It uses presentations, labs and demos to introduce students to the basics of how cloud computing works, what it brings to the Windows Phone user and how to use the Windows Azure Windows Phone Toolkit to create applications.

Reference Materials

Programming Windows Phone 7 by Charles Petzold
This book will show you the basics of writing applications for Windows Phone 7 using the C# programming language with the Silverlight and XNA 2D frameworks. This book is divided into three parts. The first part discusses basic concepts of Windows Phone 7 programming using example programs that target both Silverlight and the XNA framework. The second part of this book focuses entirely on Silverlight, and the third part on XNA 2D. The chapters in each part build upon previous knowledge in a progressive tutorial narrative, and hence are intended to be read sequentially.

Windows Phone 7 Jump Start Video Series
This Windows Phone 7 Jump Start video training is for all developers interested in developing applications or games for the new Windows Phone 7 Platform. The course is based on the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Developer Training Kit and taught by Microsoft MVP's and Microsoft Press Authors, Andy Wigley and Rob S. Miles. Watch these entertaining sessions and complete the labs to gain development skills using both Microsoft XNA and Microsoft Silverlight. For copies of the student files and links to demo code, you can go to the Windows Phone 7 Born To Learn Forum. This session begins with a basic overview of the full 12 hour training. This is a great starting point for developers new to this exciting new mobile platform.

Developer Guides
Click the link above to visit Windows Phone site for a list of guides or click on any specific Developer Guide below.

Code Samples
This page lists a set of code samples for developers of applications for Windows Phone OS 7.0 CTP Refresh. You can download the samples listed here to see how the Windows Phone APIs are used in practice or as a starting place for your own applications. You will need to install Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP Refresh to run these samples. To get started, check out the Windows Phone developer portal.


Windows Application Development Site
Visit this site for material such as Code Samples, Videos and other Windows Solutions.

Software from Microsoft DreamSpark
DreamSpark is the easiest and most inexpensive way to get the latest Microsoft software for your labs, classrooms and on student PCs. Access Visual Studio, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server and other software tools and training resources. Getting started is easy. Verify your school or institution, then browse and download software.* GET STARTED.

Professional level software is always available for free to students on DreamSpark.

*Some products require that your school or institution sign up for a DreamSpark Premium subscription. Get more details here.

Essential Windows 7 Downloads
This site will provide you with items like the Windows SDK, Windows API Code Pack for the .NET Framework and the Windows Driver Kit.

Create Games for Windows Phone 7 Educational Series
The App Hub launched Phase 1, Part 2 of the Create Games for Windows Phone 7 Educational Series, designed to help developers get introduced to making games for Windows Phone 7. Included are source code and assets to learn and start building various game types and features.

Supplemental Resources

Windows Phone 7 Developer Training Kit
This Training Kit will give you a jumpstart into the new Windows Phone world by providing you with a step-by-step explanation of the tools to use and some key concepts for programming Windows Phones. It is geared for beginners who want to get started with developing applications for the latest Windows Phone operating system. Even if you don’t know Silverlight or XNA Framework, you will find this Training Kit useful. More seasoned Silverlight developers should also find this kit useful, as it explains some of the differences between Silverlight and Silverlight for the phone.

Getting Started with Windows 7
This site provides links to learning and developing applications with Windows 7.

Windows Phone Developer Tools RTW
The Windows Phone Developer Tools includes the following: Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone, Windows Phone Emulator Resources, Silverlight 4 Tools For Visual Studio, XNA Game Studio 4.0 and Microsoft Expression Blend for Windows Phone.

Windows Phone Development
This is the Windows Phone Developer Tools documentation site. The documentation is organized into the following sections. The Fundamental Concepts for Windows Phone and Design Guidelines for Windows Phone sections provide you with an overview of the fundamental concepts and design guidelines that you should first review and understand. The Common Application Development Tasks for Windows Phone and Application Features for Windows Phone sections review some of the common development considerations and tasks and introduce some of the key features and functionality that you can add to your Windows Phone application.

Microsoft Showcase Videos on Windows Phone 7
View these 100+ Windows Phone 7 videos on the Microsoft Showcase site.

Certification Exams

Windows Phone Certification
Read about the skills required to be a successful Windows Phone developer and exams that lead to certification in this area.

To see all Resource Center content for Windows Phone 7 click here .


To provide feedback or suggestions on the list of Suggested Resources click here .


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