Professional websites the key for growing SMBs

Wednesday 30 May 2012

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can use the internet to make themselves look truly international, it has been suggested.

Philip Hesketh, professional speaker on psychology and persuasion at, said SMBs need to focus on developing a very professional web presence.

He said the choices made over web design, colour coding etc can help such companies present themselves in the best possible light, and assume the guise of a larger organisation.

"You can be a retailer and have a site that looks just as clean and professional as John Lewis or Marks and Spencer, whereas in the old days of shops you couldn't really do that," Mr Hesketh stated.

"Sometimes I think SMBs forget that and think 'well I can't compete with them'. Actually, they can - online. If you do the thing properly and professionally, you can compete."

He called on SMBs to also think about the type of content they publish on their websites and across social media.

Anything they write on the internet must be interesting, different and relevant in order to capture the attention of readers, Mr Hesketh said.

"If it's not these things, I don't communicate - because you look just like everybody else," he said.

Posted by Jenny Arthur