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Offline Windows Application Helps to Efficiently Prepare Income Tax Return

Business Needs

Founded in the year 2006 and acquired by 3i Infotech in 2007, Taxsmile is a company that provides online Tax Return Preparation and Filing application as a service. Taxsmile is India’s first online tax management portal that gives you a DIY (Do It Yourself) experience, through an easy and secure service.

www.taxsmile.com is an online portal by 3i Infotech Consumer Services Ltd, which helps users to prepare and file income tax return. Its user interface greatly simplifies the process of preparing as well as filing taxes, besides obviating a need for you to be well-versed in tax laws and regulatory requirements.

Though efiling changed things a bit, but as they say, being merely good is not enough. To simplify processes further, the IT firm decided to have a solution that would allow a user to prepare his/her income tax returns offline, including salaried tax payers in India, based on applicable laws. “We wanted a tax solution that would help an individual tax payer use the system without the need to seek professional help,” says Sanjeev Kumar, Chief Marketing Officer, 3i Infotech Consumer Services Ltd.

Given the fact that a typical user would use the system only a few times in a year, the application had to be interactive and responsive. The plan was to have an offline system that could allow user to prepare tax return and transfer the data into Taxsmile.com website whenever Internet connection is available to file the return. The idea was to have the application support multiple year tax return preparation.


Currently, www.taxsmile.com has 300,000 registered users but the company plans to cross the 1 million mark in the next 2 to 3 years.

With the launch of Windows 7, 3i Infotech CSL built a new offline version of the application, specifically for Windows 7. Built and verified by Chartered Accountants who have deep understanding of Indian Income tax laws, users can be ensured that the tax calculations are correct.

Designed specifically for taxpayers or end users (citizens of India and NRIs), this offline application is a value added service to the portal, enabling its consumers to prepare their tax return at leisure, and upload the data to the portal, when they are done. Users prepare tax return in offline mode without having an Internet connection. Whenever the connection is available, the user can transfer data into Taxsmile.com for filing his/ his tax return.

To enhance the user experience, the application has been built using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) 3.5.

Above all it empowers users with a Digital Signature which will eliminate any physical intervention in the tax filing process making it truly convenient at an affordable cost.

“We have now integrated the offline application with www.taxsmile.com, using Web services,” says Sanjeev Kumar. “Once the data is entered on the offline application, the user can click on a button and the taxes are computed using the Tax Calculation engine on the Taxsmile portal.” He adds, “All this is achieved via WCF and Web Service calls. The output of the tax calculations is presented back on the offline application.”


Though early in its deployment, the company has achieved the desired results.

Convenience to End User
The offline application allows users to prepare return in an offline mode at their own leisure. They can later transfer data into Taxsmile.com to file their return.

“Taxsmile is the first one to provide this kind of a solution,” says Ravi Jagannathan, MD and CEO, 3i Infotech Consumer Services Ltd. “It gives the user a Do It Yourself experience and lets them manage their tax filing activities.”

Improved User Experience
According to Ravi Jagannathan, “The most immediately noticeable improvement in Windows 7 is the improved interface.” The operating system offers significant improvements in the areas of taskbar functionality and desktop customization.

The enhanced taskbar introduces interactive thumbnails, and enables animation and interaction for minimized applications. The Ribbon interface enables improved user interface development on the platform. It helps developers improve usability by exposing the application's most frequently accessed features directly to end users.

Accurate Tax Calculation
Taxsmile is geared toward providing the best to its customers. The application is tested by an in-house team of Information Technology professionals and undergoes rigorous tests using true-to-life case scenarios simulated by Chartered Accountants.

“Built and verified by CAs who have deep understanding of Indian Income tax laws, the application ensures users that their tax calculations are accurate,” comments Sanjeev Kumar.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 83 employees

Organization Profile

Taxsmile.com India Pvt. Ltd., registered under The Companies Act, 1956, a subsidiary of 3i Infotech Consumer Services Limited, was conceived with the objective to revolutionize tax compliance in India using state-of-the-art technology.

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