The display and screen-reading features in Windows 11 make it easy to personalize your viewing experience—or skip the screen entirely.


From captioning to audio options—if you have difficulty hearing your computer, Windows 11 has settings and features that can help.


If physical disabilities make it difficult to use a keyboard or a mouse, Windows 11 can help you interact with your PC using a pen, voice and even your eyes.

Neurodiversity and learning

Windows 11 helps you unlock your potential with tools that enhance focus, attention, reading comprehension, and more.

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Accessibility support for Windows

The features here are just the beginning. Visit our support site to explore all the ways you can make Windows work better for your unique needs.

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Disability Answer Desk

Questions about a feature? Contact our Disability Answer Desk. We have people trained to help you troubleshoot and find the right settings for you. If you're hard of hearing, please use our ASL video line.

Windows Partners

Windows 11 offers best-in-class support for partner hardware and apps from so you can customize your environment to suit your needs.

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Windows Insider Program

Customer input is central to our commitment to accessibility in Windows. Sign up for Windows Insider to get all the latest features and help shape the future of Windows.

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