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Your ingenuity amplified

Blaze through your to-do list with Copilot in Windows 1 , your new AI assistant for work with commercial data protection. Windows 11 Pro helps you get organized in a snap with performance to complete demanding workloads 42% faster on average. 2

Most secure Windows ever

PCs come with layers of security enabled so you can work anywhere shielded by powerful cybersecurity across hardware, software, identities, and data. Enjoy out-of-the-box protection for a reported 58% drop in security incidents. 3

Unlock your AI advantage

Stay ahead of modern business requirements and rethink your workplace with industry leading AI on the latest Windows 11 Pro devices. And make life easy for IT with app compatibility, fast deployment, and a reported 80% drop in helpdesk calls. 5

Stay ahead of evolving threats

Prioritize productivity while relying on a secure, business-ready foundation. Discover why organizations reported a 3.1x reduction in firmware attacks. 3

The right Windows for your business

Windows 11 logo against blue background

Windows 11 Pro

Enable exceptional work anywhere with layers of built-in security and AI-powered business tools for multitasking.

Windows 11 Pro for Workstations

Equipped for the most demanding workloads with features like faster filesharing and advanced processing.

Windows 11 Enterprise

For organizations with advanced security and management needs.
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Invest in the future of your business

Secure opportunities with groundbreaking computers powered by the most secure Windows yet.
Windows 11 Pro bloom desktop screen with Copilot pane pop out on right side.

Copilot+ PCs

Copilot+ PCs are up to 58% faster than MacBook Air M3 in sustained multithreaded performance. 9 This new class of devices comes with powerful performance and unique AI experiences that run directly on the computer.

Transform business with Windows 11

Discover the business value of Windows 11

Learn about the business impact of Windows devices in the latest commissioned Total Economic Impact™ studies by Forrester Consulting.
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Forrester study found 250% ROI

Explore how new Windows 11 Pro computers delivered cost-effective results including a 15% better end user productivity and 20% increase in security team productivity. Factors like tighter security, faster deployment, and fewer help desk tickets resulted in 250% ROI in six months. Utilize the Windows 11 calculator tool to get your personalized analysis. 5
Windows 11 Pro desktop screen and taskbar start menu open on a laptop.

Upgrade to Windows 11, our most secure version yet

With layers of powerful protection enabled by default and AI-enhanced business tools for efficiency, Windows 11 provides the security to thrive anywhere and the performance to meet your boldest goals. See how it all adds up to help you secure any opportunity.

Support from installation to integration, and everything in between

Got questions? We have the resources you need.
  • [1] Copilot with commercial data protection is available at no additional cost for users with an Entra ID and an enabled, eligible Microsoft 365 or Office 365 license.
  • [2] Compared to Windows 10 devices. “Improve your day-to-day experience with Windows 11 Pro laptops”, Principled Technologies, April 2023.
  • [3] Windows 11 Survey Report. Techaisle, February 2022. Windows 11 results are in comparison with Windows 11 devices.
  • [4] Biometric hardware required for face/fingerprint login.
  • [5] Commissioned study delivered by Forrester Consulting “The Total Economic Impact™ of Windows 11 Pro Devices”, December 2022. Note, quantified benefits reflect results over three years combined into a single composite organization that generates $1 billion in annual revenue, has 2,000 employees, refreshes hardware on a four-year cycle, and migrates the entirety of its workforce to Windows 11 devices.
  • [6] App Assure program data from Oct 2018 to Feb 2022.
  • [7] Azure Active Directory required.
  • [8] Sold separately.
  • [9] Based on Cinebench 2024 Multi-Core benchmark. Performance will vary significantly by device. Learn more.

Features and app availability may vary by region. Video contains pre-release products that are coming soon. Subject to change.

Some features/functionality shown require additional licenses and/or specific hardware. Windows Hello: Biometric hardware required for face/fingerprint login. Snap layouts: Some layouts only available based on display resolution and scale settings. Remote help add-on license required in addition to license for Microsoft Intune, Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS E3/5), or Microsoft 365 E3/5. For more information on Microsoft Intune see this page. For more information on Enterprise Mobility + Security see this page. Microsoft Search: Microsoft 365 required; subscription sold separately. Camera effects: Microsoft Teams business features licensed separately. Hardware dependent. Experience may vary based on application.

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