Windows 11 Home

The best Windows ever keeps getting better, offering home users, students, and gamers a calm, creative space to think, express, and create.

Windows 11 Pro

Designed for the hybrid workplace, Windows 11 Pro has the business and management features your team needs to work more efficiently, seamlessly, and securely almost anywhere.

Windows 11 Pro for Workstations

Designed for people with advanced workloads and data needs such as data scientists, CAD professionals, researchers, media production teams, graphic designers, and animators.

Available in all editions

Windows 11 is designed for a personalized experience with instant productivity and smarter collaboration.

An example of the snap layouts feature of Windows 11

Snap layouts

Optimize screen space with intelligently adaptive, pre-configured snap layouts.

A screen displaying an example of the snap groups feature of Windows 11

Snap groups

Windows 11 remembers your snap layouts so you can effortlessly return to them.

An example of the custom desktops feature of Windows 11

Custom desktops

Create custom desktops for each project that you can access from your taskbar.

A screen representing Windows 11’s ability to mute and unmute from the taskbar

Collaborate smarter28

Share files and mute/unmute right from your taskbar in Microsoft Teams1 meetings. Focus better with intelligent noise canceling and background blur.

A screen displaying the voice typing functionality of Windows 11

Touch, pen, voice, gesture2

Get a more effortless, natural workflow with flexible, accessible device interaction using touch, pen, voice, and gesture.

A Windows 11 screen demonstrating the Microsoft Power Automate feature

Microsoft Power Automate

Easily automate workflows and simplify routine tasks with a low-code, guided process.

Security for all

Protect your business with a Zero Trust-ready OS with powerful built-in security, hardware-based isolation, encryption, and malware protection.Advanced encryption and intelligent protection against ransomeware, fileless, and other attacks built into all editions.


Security comparison

Powered by Intelligent Security Graph.

Windows 11 powers the advanced biometric features of modern devices, such as fingerprint scanners and special IR cameras for face recognition.

Device encryption is available on a wide range of Windows devices and helps protect your data by encrypting it. If you turn on device encryption, only authorized individuals will be able to access your device and data.3

Keep track of your devices—even your digital pen!

Your Windows device comes with comprehensive, built-in security features, including firewall and internet protections to help safeguard against viruses, malware, and ransomware.

App & browser control in Windows Security provides the settings for Windows Defender SmartScreen, which helps protect your device from potentially dangerous apps, files, websites, and downloads.

Windows 11 offers simple, secure multifactor authentication4 via phone call, text, or the Microsoft Authenticator app for mobile phones and tablets.5

Manage screen time, limit access to mature content, control online purchases when you connect your family's Microsoft accounts, and check to make sure the family’s devices are secure and up to date.

Helps prevent malicious software applications and unauthorized operating systems from loading during the system start-up process.

All new Windows 11 devices will come with powerful built-in security including hardware isolation, encryption, and malware protection.

Windows 11 includes built-in, malware protection to help keep you safe from viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

Windows Defender System Guard2 uses hardware-based root of trust on modern devices to block startup attacks and prevent them from propagating.

Using facial recognition, a fingerprint, or PIN, Windows Hello is a fast, secure, and password-free way to unlock your compatible Windows devices.6

View and manage the security and health of your device.

If your device is lost or stolen, BitLocker and BitLocker To Go put everything on lockdown, so no one else can access your systems or data.7

Protect your information from accidental or intentional data leaks.8

Deploy, secure, and manage remote PCs through the cloud, in compliance with your company’s policies.

Windows Hello capabilities plus passwordless sign-in to Windows and Azure.6

WIP helps to protect against potential data leakage without otherwise interfering with the employee experience. WIP also helps to protect enterprise apps and data against accidental data leaks on enterprise-owned devices and personal devices that employees bring to work, without requiring changes to your environment or other apps.8

Windows Sandbox is an isolated, temporary desktop environment where you can run untrusted software without fear of infecting your PC.

Detects when data becomes corrupt on one of the mirrored drives and uses a healthy copy of your data on other drives to correct and protect data.

Consistent for IT

Apply comprehensive device management with familiar tools and processes to support employees working from anywhere.


Update and compliance comparison

Enables peer-to-peer transfer of updates.

Ease the network impact of monthly quality updates.

With Assigned Access, Windows 11 Pro devices run different applications depending on the user and keep individual identities separate and secured.

Suitable for both cloud-only and hybrid organizations.9

Allows on-premises Active Directory enrolled devices to be joined to Azure Active Directory.9

Approve, schedule, and monitor any Windows Update content through the cloud, including security updates, drivers, and firmware.

Available to any organization with an Azure AD Premium or Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) license, Enterprise State Roaming provides users with a unified experience across their Windows devices and reduces the time needed for configuring a new device.10

eSIMS10 are embedded SIM cards that let you connect your PC to cellular networks when you don’t have access to WI-FI or when available networks are unsecured.

Manage PCs, user accounts, and groups, and get easy access to files and printers when you pair Windows 11 Pro with Windows Server.11 You can even define specific security and networking policies for your users and devices.

Configure a device in kiosk mode in a very simple way. You can do this locally on the device or remotely using Mobile Device Management.

Employees can use their personal devices to access work apps and content without IT help.

Windows 11 mobile device management (MDM) provides an alternative to traditional PC management processes: you can transition to cloud-based management at your own pace.12

Virtual apps will behave like local apps with Windows 11 and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD).13 14

Domain Join + Group Policy: IT staff can easily manage PCs, user accounts and groups, security policies, and get easy access to files and printers when you pair Windows 11 Pro with Windows Server.11 You can even define specific security and networking policies for your users and devices.

Employees can use a single login across Windows 11, Microsoft 365,11 and other Microsoft services, making logons and passwords easier to manage. The shared logon works on PCs, tablets, and phones with minimal IT involvement.

New devices can easily be set up following a cloud powered pre-configured process.15Learn more

Enables IT admins to deploy the latest Microsoft product updates.

Windows Update for Business can help businesses reduce management costs, provide control over update deployments, enable more efficient delivery of updates, and provide access to the latest innovations from Microsoft.

A smarter way to collaborate

Connect to the people, information, and apps you need right from your desktop in all editions.


IT Management comparison

Meet online with confidence, keeping the background in the background with intelligent noise cancelling and blur.16

Mute and unmute your mic directly from your taskbar during online meetings without having to find and click on your meetings app.28

Instantly share any app or window from your taskbar in online meetings.28

Instantly productive

Stay focused with an intuitive user experience and built-in tools and features. A simple, powerful UX improves employee productivity.


IT Management comparison

Windows 11 supports users with diverse accessibility needs and workstyle preferences.

Cloud Clipboard17 lets you copy multiple items to paste when you need them.

Your personal productivity assistant, now even better. Stay on top of your schedule, save time, and do more with less effort.

Create a separate desktop for each project or workstream and switch instantly between desktops from your taskbar.

Windows 11 devices ship with Windows fast startup enabled.

Seamlessly use your device as a tablet, with improved multi-finger touch, smooth rotation, and touch and pen available to capture thoughts for every text input.

Focus assist helps you disable notifications when you want to stay focused.

Gives individuals and teams the breadth of tools they need to do what matters—faster.

A fresh approach to the browser, giving you world-class compatibility and performance, control and security from Microsoft, and productivity tools for the web. Learn more

Easily automate workflows across applications with a low-code, guided process and hundreds of pre-built connectors.

Fast, comprehensive, local and cloud search, right in the taskbar.18

A freeform digital canvas where people, ideas, and content can come together.

Multiple core processors including dual-core, quad-core processors, and 6-core processors enable stable, fast multi-tasking across several programs and applications.

OneDrive syncs your files securely to the cloud, so you can access them from any device.

Single Sign-on, also known as SSO, is the ability to sign into different applications and services using a single username and password.

Snap groups remembers your layout, so you can seamlessly return to it even when you open another app or dock and undock your monitor.19

Organize open windows with pre-configured layouts that intelligently adapt to the size and dimension of your screen.20

Put your keyboard away and work the way you prefer using multi-finger gestures, typing with your voice, and writing with a digital pen in any app.21

Turn ideas into text instantly by using your voice to type in any text box.22

Seamlessly integrated into your desktop and taskbar, customizable Widgets help you keep track of everything from upcoming meetings and to-do lists23 to live updates on the news and weather.

Users can navigate within Windows, write into any text or search box, and take notes quickly.24

Windows 11 apps designed for mobile devices help users move freely between their phone and PC.25

OneDrive for Business takes secure sync and collaboration to the next level through seamless synchronization with SharePoint and Teams.

Remote desktop lets you unlock and access your files, folders, and apps just the way you left them—anywhere and from virtually any device.26

Provides the most demanding apps and data with the performance they require with non-volatile memory modules (NVDIMM-N) hardware.27

Supports the use of network adapters with RDMA to function at full speed with very low latency, while using very little CPU for faster file sharing.

Two men using laptops in a business environment

Freedom of choice

Explore the widest range of devices to make the right choice for each employee for higher satisfaction and retention. All editions support enhanced touch/pen/voice/gesture and meet minimum system requirements.

Two laptops displaying Windows 11 screens

View Windows 11 Enterprise editions

Compare Windows 11 Enterprise editions side-by-side and make a more informed decision while finding the right fit for your business.

Two laptops displaying Windows 11 screens

  • Features and app availability may vary by region.
  • 1Microsoft Teams business features licensed separately
  • 2Hardware dependent.
  • 3Requires InstantGo/AOAC/HSTI-compliant. More details here.
  • 4See also: Windows Hello, Biometrics.
  • 5Get the free Microsoft Authenticator app for Android or iOS.
  • 6Requires specialized hardware, including fingerprint reader, illuminated IT sensor or other biometric sensors and capable devices. Requires TPM 2.0 or greater for TPM-based key protection.
  • 7Requires TPM 2.0 or greater for TPM-based key protection.
  • 8Windows Information Protection requires either Mobile Device Management (MDM) or System Center Configuration Manager to manage settings. Sold separately.
  • 9Requires Azure AD. Sold separately. Requires Windows Server.
  • 10Separate subscription for Azure Active Directory Premium required.
  • 11Sold separately.
  • 12MDM requires an MDM product such as Microsoft Intune or other 3rd-party solutions (sold separately).
  • 13This functionality requires the user of the devices to have a AVD license. Learn more about AVD licensing requirements at the Windows Virtual Desktop Pricing page.
  • 14Azure Active Directory and internet connection required, sold separately.
  • 15Requires Azure AD for automatic MDM enrollment. Requires Microsoft Intune for enrollment status page. Sold separately.
  • 16Hardware dependent. Videoconferencing applications and services sold separately.
  • 17Cloud Clipboard requires users to be signed-in to all devices using MSA.
  • 18Requires Microsoft Search to search across company resources and portals. Requires Microsoft 365 subscription, sold separately, to search across OneDrive for Business and SharePoint locations.
  • 19Apps that are no longer open will not be automatically put back in place. Apps that leave full screen mode when you undock will be conveniently positioned but will not resume full-screen mode.
  • 20Some layouts only available based on display resolution and scale settings.
  • 21Hardware dependent. Experience may vary based on application.
  • 22Hardware dependent. Requires Windows PC with microphone capability.
  • 23Works with your primary identity management account.
  • 24Touch capable device required. Pen accessory sold separately.
  • 25Users must link their mobile phone to their PC in PC settings, install the appropriate app for their device, and follow the setup prompts.
  • 26Remote Desktop app is available for Windows, iOS, Android and Mac. Must leave remote Windows 11 device on in order to connect and login remotely.
  • 27Non-volatile memory modules (NVDIMM) is required.
  • 28Coming in a future release; appearance may vary.