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Future-ready IT management with Windows 11 Pro

Increase management efficiency and save resources with a reported 25% faster deployment.5

Easy to manage computer compatibility and security

Upgrade devices more efficiently. Windows 11 strengthens security and is compatible with your existing apps.

Streamline security management in the cloud

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Keep up with Windows Update for Business

Windows Update for Business enables IT to control which upgrades are offered to which machines, keeping all your organization’s devices up to date with the latest security defenses and features.

Help desk will miss you. Use these tools for a seamless deployment.

Windows 11 Pro has the resources you need to provide a seamless deployment experience and achieve a reported 80% drop in helpdesk calls.5

Plan and prepare secure deployment

Help prepare your infrastructure and environment for a secure upgrade or refresh with a checklist of activities and necessary steps.

Apple users switching to Windows 11 Pro

New users to the Windows operating system can make the switch to Windows 11 Pro with our easy to follow set up guide

Existing Windows users switching to Windows 11 Pro

Personalize and streamline your workflow faster with the help from our step-by-step guide.

Microsoft Test Base

Before deployment, use a cloud environment to validate your apps against security, quality, and feature updates.

Microsoft App Assure

If you encounter a compatibility issue on Windows 11, App Assure engineers will help resolve it at no additional cost.

Windows release health

Get information on the latest Windows releases and servicing milestones, plus resources and safeguards to help plan your next update.

Reduce management headaches and improve satisfaction

Upgrade your IT management efficiency today with Windows 11 Pro computers.

Powerful for users and consistent for IT

The right Windows for your business

Windows 11 logo background

Windows 11 Pro

Enable exceptional work anywhere with layers of built-in security and AI-powered multitasking.

Windows 11 Pro for Workstations

Equipped for the most demanding workloads thanks to faster filesharing and advanced processing.

Windows 11 Enterprise

For organizations with advanced security and management needs.
Windows 11 logo background
  • [1] App Assure has worked with thousands of customers and evaluated over 1.1 million apps with a 99.7 percent app compatibility rate. To learn more, visit the App Assure website and see Windows IT Pro Blog post on App Assure.
  • [2] Save admin time and put new systems in your users’ hands sooner with Windows Autopilot. Principled Technologies, December 2021. Results based on organizations surveyed; experiences may vary.
  • [3] Requires Microsoft Intune, or a Microsoft 365 suite that includes Microsoft Intune and an add-on license for remote help. For more information visit
  • [4] Microsoft 365 E3 subscription required; sold separately.
  • [5] Commissioned study delivered by Forrester Consulting “The Total Economic Impact™ of Windows 11 Pro Devices”, December 2022. Note, quantified benefits reflect results over three years combined into a single composite organization that generates $1 billion in annual revenue, has 2,000 employees, refreshes hardware on a four-year cycle, and migrates the entirety of its workforce to Windows 11 devices.

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