Block, protect, and stay productive for better peace of mind

Guards against sophisticated attacks

Protects down to the firmware level with hardware security features that shield user credentials and other critical data.

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Built to be the most secure Windows devices

Deep collaboration between Microsoft and manufacturing partners provides the most elevated Windows security ever.

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Designed for data-sensitive scenarios

Offers extra security for sensitive data like intellectual property, classified intelligence, and financial information.

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Learn about Secured-core PCs and hardware-based security

Secured-core PCs deliver the highest level of Windows 11 protection including advanced protection of firmware and dynamic root of trust measurement.

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Assess your security needs

Find out if Secured-core PCs are right for your organization with this assessment guide.

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Microsoft Security Signals Report

Learn why 86% of today’s small and medium businesses say that outdated hardware leaves organizations more vulnerable to attack.

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Learn more about Windows 11 security innovations

Get the details on how Microsoft optimizes Windows 11 for Zero Trust protection in the Windows 11 Security Book. Read the Windows 11 Security Guide for a quick overview.

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Partner manufacturers for Secured-core PCs

Silicon manufacturers

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Explore Windows 11 editions

Designed for the new world of hybrid work, Windows 11 Pro and Windows 11 Enterprise can help unlock the full potential of everyone in your organization.

Windows 11 Pro

To help you work more efficiently, seamlessly, and securely from almost anywhere.

Windows 11 Pro for Workstations

Designed for people with advanced workloads or data needs.

Windows 11 Enterprise

For organizations with advanced security and management needs.