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Promoting disability inclusion

In today’s connected world, access to technology is central to the way we operate, and it is fundamental to a more equitable future. Accessibility is the vehicle for inclusion of people with disabilities.

Accessible products and technology

We are committed to designing accessible products with and for people with disabilities.

Designed for you

Find products and tools based on your needs.
Grant recipient Mentra team members in fun room painted yellow holding various yellow objects.

Driving impact together

Our grant program supports researchers, startups, nonprofits, and assistive technology companies around the world to develop innovative technologies that empower people living with disabilities. We invest in ideas that are developed by or with people with disabilities.

Unique unites us

We’re not all the same. Why should our tech be? AI is changing accessibility—making it faster and easier for people to find and use the tech that works best for them.
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Latest news about accessibility at Microsoft

Embracing responsibility

We believe companies that can do more, should. Learn about our commitments to ensure the technology we create benefits everyone on the planet, including the planet itself.