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Get to grips with Azure Synapse with this free digital event

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On December 3rd 2020 at the Shape Your Future with Azure Data and Analytics event, it was announced that Azure Synapse had entered general availability. This new analytics capability has several facets, including data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics. The tool enables a holistic place to work with data for ingestion, the exploration of the data content and enabling immediate BI and machine learning.

A single place to prepare and manage data that will enable data scalability as data sets grow, while also being secure, is a useful place to start gaining data value. We all work with data that has challenges, from the everyday increasing volumes, the diversity in the data types and number of data sources coupled with the problem of poor data quality. Data management is requiring changes from batch processing to streaming processing that needs to be able to provide the nearest real time operational data to enable those fast business decisions. Some companies are using the capability to manage and quickly pivot their organisation during this Covid-19 time.

Data comes in diverse forms with polyglot persistence ripe in many organisations, and one size of storage does not fit all. Polyglot persistence sees the right storage engine being used for the data type, whether it’s RDBMS, Data Lake, Key-Value, Document, Graph or Column databases. This allows us to gain insight from all of these data sources in one place with ease, enabling intelligent management and critical actionable insights.

There is so much to learn about Azure Synapse, from Serverless SQL pools, Intelligent Workload Management and Cognitive Services integration, to streaming analytics, Azure Machine Learning integration and Azure Synapse link with Azure Cosmos DB.

I am pleased to be a part of a team putting on a community event on January 30th 2021 that will tell the story of Azure Synapse and its capabilities. There is so much to learn about this exciting technology, so please consider registering here for a 12 hour event that will cross global timelines. It’s free to register and attend, so do so today!

The event will include introduction-level sessions and in-depth sessions, so there’s something for everyone. We also have a great mix of international speakers including Ferenc Csonka, Cathrine Wilhelmsen, Terry McCann, Erwin de Kreuk, Simon Whiteley, Kevin Chant, Paul Andrew to name but a few.


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