Discover how Microsoft 365 helps organizations do more with less 

Now more than ever, IT leaders need to reduce cost and complexity while empowering a digitally connected and distributed workforce in an uncertain economic environment. Microsoft 365 is the cloud-first platform that brings together the capabilities organizations need in a secure, integrated experience—powered by data and AI—to help people work better and smarter. Read more

How low/no code solutions can accelerate innovation and digitisation 

As a society, we use apps to manage, connect and augment our day-to-day lives. So, it’s understandable that when we go to work, we expect to have the same. Apps can help organisations modernise processes, create new innovations and uncover opportunities. According to the IDC, this growing demand for digital solutions means that 500 million Read more

Unify your digital environment for secure collaboration 

To stay secure in an everchanging threat landscape, organisations must build cyber resilience and secure collaboration across their digital environment. In fact, many leaders view security as an enabler of business. Those who feel the most vulnerable are the most mature in their security posture – 83 percent according to our research. Mature security organisations Read more

Drive cyber resilience and stay secure against heightened threats 

As the landscape of work has changed, so have cyberthreats. Technology has enabled the rise of remote and hybrid working. However, this increasingly complex environment also means there’s more vulnerabilities. Leaders have seen three trends rise: Stay competitive in a fast-evolving business landscape.Defend against cyber threats.Achieve both the above goals while reducing complexity and modernising Read more

How HR can streamline and improve the employee experience 

With the widespread move to flexible or hybrid work practices, providing a fast and effective staff onboarding process is becoming more of a challenge.   Streamlining and improving the onboarding process helps provide a great first impression of the organisation for new employees. This is not only positive for the user themselves, the HR department will Read more