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Upcoming events for IT Pros

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We’re welcoming in the autumn here in the northern hemisphere, with kids going back to school and everyone returning from summer holidays. The summer was filled by many events going back to in-person and it seemed that June and July were packed with them! Black Hat, Tech Live London, Cisco Live, Women in Tech Conference, and the Gartner Symposium were some of the big names out there this summer. Hopefully you were able to attend, be it virtually or physically.

Here at Microsoft, the product groups have been a bit quieter as they’re all getting ready for Microsoft Ignite. As we saw with Microsoft Build, we’ll be hosting regional live events. If you are fortunate enough to live in the UK, France, Germany, Latin America, or Asia you could attend the event LIVE and in-person! Keep watching the event page here for updates and information to register.

We’re also keeping an eye out on other events that are happening in October and November around the globe. You can keep up to date on the Microsoft-led events near you on this website.

Keeping up to date on the latest product releases can be tough. To keep up to date on products and community technical posts I’d like to recommend subscribing to Azure Weekly, as it’s a great way to see all the updates in Azure in your inbox. Also, every product group at Microsoft has made their product roadmaps publicly available. You can also subscribe to Azure Updates to keep yourself up to date on the new features being released.

I’d also recommend following the ITOps Talk Blog, a great source of regular blog updates for you, the IT Pro community.

On September 20th, we hosted the Microsoft Tech Days event ‘Putting the Ops in DevOps.’ This event was created for IT Pros, to understand a few DevOps principles (Git, Source Control, CI/CD), delivered by community experts that have all been on the journey to embracing a DevOps mindset. The event is available on-demand, and I strongly recommend tuning in if you missed it.

I hope that everyone is staying healthy and hopefully that autumn colours are not starting too soon!

Yours technically,

April Edwards

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