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Microsoft Security

Microsoft Defender for IoT Plans and Pricing

Protect devices essential to modern business operations, industrial systems, manufacturing processes, and critical infrastructure.

Enterprise IoT licensing options

Use Defender for IoT to help secure all your enterprise IoT (eIoT) devices.

Included with Microsoft 365 E5

Originally starting from Included now starting from Included

Included Included

Defender for IoT for enterprise is included with this subscription. With each user license, customers can protect up to five eIoT devices.

Microsoft Defender for IoT - EIoT Device License - add-on

Originally starting from £0.70 now starting from £0.70

£0.70 £0.70


Add-on for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P2 that expands protection to enterprise IoT devices. Protection is licensed per eIoT device.

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