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Microsoft Priva Subject Rights Requests

Manage at scale and respond with confidence using automated data discovery, conflict detection, in-place review and redaction, and secure collaboration.

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You need more than security to safeguard privacy. See how Microsoft Priva can help.

Manage at scale, respond with confidence

Manage subject rights requests in an automated, secure, and auditable way.

Automate data discovery and conflict detection

Gather the requestor’s personal information and detect data conflicts such as sensitive information or data pertaining to other users.

Collaborate, review, and react securely and efficiently

Bring collaboration to a protected platform, reviewing and redacting files in their native views with rich insights.

Integrate with your privacy ecosystem

Let Microsoft meet you where you are with Microsoft Graph APIs connecting to in-house or third-party privacy solutions.

Key capabilities of Priva Subject Rights Requests

Data discovery automation

Data discovery automation

Automatically locate files containing personal data, such as emails, messages, documents, and slides.

An animation of a user viewing collected data sorted by priority type and detect data conflicts such as confidential information

Data conflict detection

Automatically detect files labeled confidential or files containing multiple people’s personal data to avoid data leakage.

An animation showing a user reviewing an Excel spreadsheet in its native view and redacting other people’s personal data.

In-place and easy-to-use review experience

Review and redact files located in the live system in their native views without creating duplicate copies.

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Secure and compliant collaboration

Bring collaboration to a protected platform with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Power Automate, automating repetitive tasks while avoiding personal data sprawl.

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Integrate with your privacy ecosystem

Plug into your existing processes to manage requests in a unified way across digital estate. Microsoft Graph subject rights requests API integrates Priva Subject Rights Requests with your in-house or partner-built privacy solutions.

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Integrate with Power Automate and Information Protection to help you automate subject rights requests.

Learn more about viewing analytic information with the Analytics dashboard.

Built-in Power Automate templates

Automate repetitive tasks such as adding a calendar reminder, creating a record of request in ServiceNow, or sharing tagged files with stakeholders.

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Microsoft Priva Subject Rights Requests plans and pricing

Manage requests at scale. Automate data discovery and conflict detection, collaborate securely and efficiently, review and redact files in their native views, and integrate with in-house or partner-built privacy solutions.

Priva Subject Rights Requests (1)

Originally starting from £164.40 now starting from £164.40

£164.40 £164.40


  • Use Microsoft Priva Subject Rights Requests to:

  • Automate your response to subject rights requests and manage them at scale.

  • Use Power Automate templates with existing business processes (requires the appropriate license for Power Automate).

  • Use programmatic access to APIs.

  • Securely collaborate with other stakeholders through Teams (requires the appropriate license for Teams).

  • Priva Subject Rights Requests is available as an add-on to eligible Microsoft 365 and Office 365 customers. Learn more.

    Try Priva Subject Rights Requests for 90 days or create up to 50 subject rights requests (whichever limit expires first) at no cost.

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