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Microsoft Defender for IoT

Get real-time asset discovery, vulnerability management, and threat protection for your Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial infrastructure, such as ICS/OT.

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Cloud-powered OT security now generally available

Defender for IoT now offers security for OT environments via the cloud, across all your OT devices and all sites.

Complete IoT and ICS/OT security

Accelerate digital transformation with comprehensive IoT and ICS/OT security.

Context-aware visibility

See everything in your environment with complete visibility into all IoT and operational technology (OT) assets and rich context about each device, such as communication, protocols, and behaviors.

Risk-based security posture management

Manage security posture and reduce your attack surface area with a risk-prioritized approach.

Threat detection with behavioral analytics

Accelerate your incident response with a unified view of the complete attacks, including those beginning on the IT network and traversing into sensitive business critical networks and OT environments.

Unified security with SIEM/SOAR and XDR

Use Microsoft Defender for IoT with security tools such as Sentinel, Splunk, IBM QRadar, and ServiceNow. Respond automatically using daily threat intelligence from Microsoft.

Secure IoT and OT devices in every industry

Defender for IoT capabilities and threat intelligence meet the unique IoT security needs of organizations in every major industry.

A diagram showing the many industries that Microsoft Defender for IoT supports such as manufacturing, energy, automotive, healthcare and more


A device map on Defender for IoT.

Asset discovery and context

Use a combination of passive and active agentless network monitoring to get a complete asset inventory and context such as protocols, communications, and backplane layouts.

Device inventory in Defender for IoT.

Risk-based vulnerability management

Improve your security posture, minimize the attack surface, and eliminate vulnerabilities using a risk-prioritized approach that identifies and visualizes the most likely paths of attack.

A dashboard in Defender for IoT showing deployment, traffic monitoring, devices by protocols and more.

Threat detection with IoT and OT behavioral analytics

Identify attacks using IoT- and OT-aware threat intelligence, behavioral analytics, and machine learning that takes advantage of full-fidelity packet captures.

An investigation in Microsoft Sentinel.

Unified threat protection with SIEM and XDR

Get best-in-class protection for endpoint types with Microsoft 365 Defender (XDR) and a bird's-eye view across IT and OT boundaries with Microsoft Sentinel.

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Microsoft IoT Signals

Get the latest threat intelligence report that uncovers learnings and insights about IoT trends and security.

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Complete protection for all your endpoints

Use Defender for IoT and Defender for Endpoint together to help secure all your endpoints.

A diagram showing how Microsoft Defender for IoT supports enterprise and industrial IoT devices.

Integrated threat protection with SIEM and XDR

Empower your defenders to effectively secure your digital estate by combining extended detection and response (XDR) and security information and event management (SIEM).

The homepage in Microsoft 365 Defender showing active threats, active incidents, users at risk and more.

Microsoft 365 Defender

Build a powerful defense with unified security and visibility across your endpoints, hybrid identities, emails, and cloud apps with XDR.

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Industry recognition



Microsoft leads in real-world detection in MITRE ATT&CK for ICS evaluation.

SC Awards

SC Awards

Microsoft IoT/OT security solution (formerly CyberX) is recognized as the Best SCADA Security Solution in the Trust Awards category.


Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Microsoft IoT/OT security solution (formerly CyberX) wins three Cybersecurity Excellence Awards for IoT, Critical Infrastructure, and ICS/SCADA.

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