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Microsoft Priva Privacy Risk Management

Safeguard personal data and build a privacy-resilient workplace.

A person analyzing data being shown on a monitor at their desk.

Build a privacy-resilient workplace

Identify personal data and critical privacy risks, automate risk mitigation, and empower employees to make smart data handling decisions.

Identify critical privacy risks and conflicts

Gain visibility into your personal data and associated data privacy risks arising from overexposure, hoarding, and transfers with automated data discovery and correlated risk signals.

Automate risk mitigation and prevent privacy incidents

Effectively mitigate privacy risks and prevent privacy incidents with automated policies and recommended user actions.

Empower employees to make smart data handling decisions

Foster a proactive privacy culture by increasing awareness of and accountability toward privacy incidents and risks without hindering employee productivity.

Key features of Microsoft Priva Privacy Risk Management

A GIF showing a user navigating through actionable insights in Microsoft Priva

Actionable privacy insights

Assess your organization’s privacy posture—how much personal data exists in the environment, where it’s located, how it moves, and the privacy risks detected.

A GIF showing a Word document in an email being selected and a prompt to provide a business justification for retention of the document

Data minimization

Help detect unused personal data, send users email digests to review and delete obsolete items, and provide privacy training to reduce data hoarding.

A GIF showing a user attempting to send personal information to another user in Teams but the message is blocked due to organization policy

Data transfer

Help detect personal data movements between customizable boundaries, such as geography or departments, and block risky transfers in near real time.

A GIF showing a Word document in an email being selected and a prompt to provide a business justification for retention of the document

Data overexposure

Help detect personal data overshare, inform file owners to review and adjust access, and provide privacy training to reduce overexposure incidents.

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Priva Privacy Risk Management

Originally starting from £4.10 now starting from £4.10

£4.10 £4.10


(annual subscription-auto renewal)

Use Microsoft Priva Privacy Risk Management to:

  • Gain visibility into the personal data in your Microsoft 365 environment (Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive for business, and Microsoft Teams) and the associated privacy risks.
  • Use default privacy policy templates, including data minimization, data overexposure, and data transfers, or customize them to meet your unique organizational needs.
  • Receive recommended remediation actions for proactive privacy risk mitigation.
  • Engage with information workers with the productivity suite and drive behavioral change. 

Microsoft Priva Privacy Risk Management is available as an add-on to eligible Microsoft 365 and Office 365 customers. Learn more.

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