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Safeguard and respect privacy with Microsoft Priva

Protect personal data, automate risk mitigation, and manage subject rights requests at scale.
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Streamline Privacy Management

Store, process, and dispose of personal information in compliance with local and global regulations.

Identify and resolve privacy risks

Assess your organization’s privacy posture and proactively find and resolve privacy risks like data hoarding, data transfers, and data oversharing.

Automate subjects rights requests

Process data subject requests and subject rights requests at scale with automated data discovery, conflict detection, in-place review, and secure collaboration.

Empower employees to make smart data handling decisions

Increase awareness of privacy requirements and risks with privacy training and automated reminders to review and delete obsolete items.

Discover the Microsoft Priva product family

Protect personal data and keep up with ever-changing and complex privacy requirements.

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Microsoft Priva Privacy Risk Management

Identify personal data and critical privacy risks, automate risk mitigation, and empower employees to make smart data handling decisions.

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Microsoft Priva Subject Rights Requests

Manage subject rights requests in an automated, secure, and auditable way.


Novartis to dispense cutting-edge security with Microsoft Priva

"I anticipate using Microsoft Priva for those cases where we have to search our entire environment for unstructured data, including data subject requests. The solution will be very helpful in accelerating the security policies we’d like to use at Novartis."

-Beni Gelzer, Head of Data Privacy (Switzerland), Novartis.

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Explore Microsoft Priva capabilities

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