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Modernize your identity and access management

Upgrade your on-premises identity infrastructure to a cloud-based approach securely and efficiently.

What is modern identity and access management?

Modern identity requires a cloud-first approach. With cloud-based identity solutions, you can retire legacy infrastructure and provide secure access across your cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environments.

Stay secure and resilient

Help protect access to resources with intelligent risk-based access polices and maintain business continuity.

Improve workforce productivity

Give your workforce seamless access to all the apps they need wherever they are.

Reduce costs and increase IT efficiency

Save money by retiring legacy infrastructure and centralize identity management to a single control plane.

Why is modern identity important?

A modern approach to identity and access management can help safeguard access to company resources and safely support a remote workforce.

Modernize identity and access management with Azure AD

Azure AD gives your employees and partners a seamless, more secure access experience to the apps they need wherever they are with a single identity. Begin your journey from on-premises to the cloud.

Azure AD Connect

Extend your on-premises Active Directory to Azure AD for a common user identity and access to all resources, regardless of location.

Azure AD Connect Health

Monitor and gain insights into your on-premises identity infrastructure and see if you’re ready to upgrade from AD FS to Azure AD.

AD FS Application Activity Report

Discover the AD FS apps in your organization and their readiness to be upgraded to Azure AD.

Staged rollout to cloud authentication

Migrate your users’ authentication from federation to cloud authentication in a staged and controlled manner.

Take a deep dive into Azure AD

Additional resources

Upgrade from AD FS to Azure AD

Learn why you should upgrade from AD FS to secure all your apps directly from the cloud and reduce your dependency on on-premises identity systems.

Discover apps to upgrade

Learn how to discover and prioritize apps authenticating on premises to upgrade to Azure AD using Azure AD Connect Health and the AD FS activity report.

Upgrade your app authentication

Learn how to upgrade your app authentication from AD FS to Azure AD with step-by-step demos.