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Microsoft Security
A person using their mobile phone.

Download Microsoft Authenticator

Use simple, fast, and highly secure two-factor authentication across apps.

Learn how to use Microsoft Authenticator

A mobile phone prompting the user to approve a sign in on the homepage of Authenticator.

Get started

Set up Microsoft Authenticator and add your accounts.

A mobile phone prompting the user to approve a sign in on the Accounts page in Authenticator.

Sign in to your accounts

Know your accounts are safer with two-step verification using one-time passcodes and push approvals in Microsoft Authenticator.

A mobile phone showing how to back up your accounts on Authenticator.

Back up and recover your accounts

Easily move personal accounts to a new device with encrypted cloud backup in Microsoft Authenticator.

Learn more about Microsoft Authenticator

Conveniently and securely sign in to all your online accounts using multifactor authentication, passwordless sign-in or password autofill with Microsoft Authenticator.

Protect your account with Microsoft Authenticator

* Availability of mobile apps varies by country/region.

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