Explore how Windows Ink will revolutionise the way you work

Quickly turn thoughts into action with Windows Ink. Create lists, sticky notes and draw to your heart’s content — even before logging in.1

Windows Ink inking on Windows 10
Partial image of a Microsoft Store window showing a hand-written search request in the search bar

Stay in the zone

Drawing, editing, searching4 - a digital pen is a great way to keep the workflow flowing.

Work more smartly in Office

Get important tasks done with inking, such as editing Word docs, PowerPoint slides or doing maths equations in OneNote – all with your digital pen.

Windows Ink editing and inking in Word

Smart editing in Word

Windows Ink works great with Word to make editing documents better than ever: Strike through words to make them disappear, circle text to select it, highlight with precision or transform drawings into shapes with just one touch.

Windows Ink inking in OneNote

OneNote Maths Assistant

Enhance learning and problem solving by using Windows Ink and OneNote together. Write a maths problem on your touchscreen PC and OneNote for Windows 10 solves it. Get to the answer quickly, or see step-by-step instructions to help you learn how OneNote got the solution.

Windows Ink inking in PowerPoint

Power of the Pen

Use your digital pen and touch simultaneously to draw with the built-in ruler, replay the sequence of mark-ups from other people and understand their thought processes better – all with Windows Ink in PowerPoint.

Windows Ink Workspace

Windows Ink lets you quickly access the Windows Ink Workspace with just a click of your digital pen2 – even directly from the lock screen.1

Windows Ink Workspace on lock screen
Windows Ink Sketchpad


Capture details and ideas as they happen. Naturally use two-hands to adjust the thickness of a line, or bring up a digital ruler for tracing along the straight edge, just like on paper.

Windows Ink Workspace Screen Sketch

Screen Sketch

Easily capture what's on your screen and mark it up with your digital pen. Whether it's a document, web page, photo or app, take a screenshot of your desktop, ink it up and share it with one click.

1 This feature must be enabled in Settings and requires a digital pen with a Bluetooth button.

2 Requires a device that supports the use of a digital pen.

3 Windows Ink was designed for improved latency on selected devices with 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, not including Surface devices.

4 Touch-enabled device required; pen accessory may be sold separately. Available in UWP and XAML fields. User must enable this feature in settings.