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Microsoft Software Assurance benefits for Office can help your company accelerate deployment and improve end-user productivity. Use your benefits to help IT staff efficiently deploy and manage Microsoft Office products and Office 365, gain in-class technical training, and access the newest software releases. Improve productivity with Office home-use licenses, and take advantage of end-user group and online training to help enhance skills. Moving to Office 365? Use your benefits to discover how to put Office 365 to work in your environment and get your users trained on the latest technology prior to moving to the cloud.

Planning Services

Get in-depth planning assistance from qualified partners or Microsoft Consulting Services to help you plan your deployment to the latest version of Microsoft Office, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Offers are available for Office, Exchange, Skype for Business, and SharePoint.

Use Planning Services to:
  • Help ensure efficient deployments through collaborative planning built on best practices.
  • Extend your IT staff with expert advice from on-site deployment planning specialists.

Technical and end-user training

Software Assurance training benefits help build technical skills and ready IT professionals, developers, and end users for the latest wave of Microsoft technologies.

Use technical and end-user training to:
  • Boost productivity by providing in-depth instructor-led technical training for IT professionals and developers.
  • Enhance end-user readiness through online training and demonstration sessions.

Home Use Program

Use the Home Use Program (HUP) to provide your employees with the latest version of Microsoft Office to use on their home devices via a low-cost download. Productivity and efficiency are likely to improve when your employees use the same software at home and at work.

Use the Home Use Program to:
  • Help accelerate familiarity and use of the latest Office products.
  • Help increase employee skills, mobility, and productivity.

Additional Software Assurance benefits for Office

24x7 Problem Resolution Support provides around-the-clock phone support. This direct connection to Microsoft anytime a support need arises can help you maximize uptime, lower support costs, and enhance IT productivity by reducing time spent troubleshooting and resolving issues.

The Microsoft Office Multi-Language Pack enables you to deploy a single Office image with support for 40 user interface (UI) languages, and equip individuals who create or edit content with powerful proofing tools and self-help features.*

*For Office 2016, the Office Multi-Language Pack is now included as part of the product. Customers with prior versions covered with Software Assurance will continue to receive this benefit as part of their Software Assurance coverage.

With New Version Rights, you can upgrade each Microsoft product license that is covered by active Software Assurance to the most recent version for no additional cost. When a new version of Microsoft Office is released during the term of your agreement, your licenses are automatically upgraded to the new version.

Office Online Server (OOS) provides browser-based versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote from on-premises environments. OOS is version-less and provides most of Office Online service features through regular software updates. OOS succeeds Office Web Apps Server 2013.

Help expand end-user productivity and extend the value of your virtual desktop environment with Office Roaming Use Rights, which lets users with Software Assurance on Office, Project, or Visio remotely access their software on their virtual desktops from third-party devices.

Spread the costs of your License and Software Assurance purchase across three equal, annual sums versus one up-front payment to help reduce initial costs and aid in forecasting annual software budget requirements up to three years in advance. When you use the Spread Payments benefit, no interest or additional fees are incurred.

You may also consider Microsoft Payment Solutions to help finance your technology needs, including software, services, partner products, and hardware. Although Microsoft Payment Solutions is not part of Software Assurance, you can choose it separate from, or in addition to, the Spread Payments benefit to create a customized payment structure.

Step-up Licensing enables you to migrate your software from a lower-level edition to a higher-level edition, such as Office Standard to Office Professional Plus, at a low cost. The Step-up License makes it easier for you to move from a lower-level edition to a higher-level edition without incurring the full cost of licensing two separate editions of the software because you pay only the pricing difference.

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