Microsoft Azure

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services—analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web—for working more quickly, achieving more, and saving money. With Azure, customers can:

  • Build and deploy modern, cross platform web and mobile applications
  • Store, backup, and recover data in the cloud
  • Run enterprise applications
  • Run large-scale compute jobs and perform powerful predictive analytics
  • Build intelligent products and services by using Internet of Things services
  • And more…

For details about Microsoft Azure products and services, including customer examples, visit the Azure website.

How can I license Microsoft Azure for my organization?

Customers can purchase two types of Microsoft Azure offerings: Microsoft Azure Services or Microsoft Azure Plans.

Microsoft Azure Services

Microsoft Azure Services include a rapidly growing number of metered services that provide immediate access to the Microsoft cloud platform and the flexibility to increase or decrease usage, paying for only what you use.

Microsoft Azure Plans

Microsoft Azure Plans address popular use cases by packaging services commonly used together in a single plan, providing more predictable pricing.

Additionally, the Microsoft Azure marketplace provides access to thousands of third-party products, all of which can be provisioned in the Azure portal and billed via most Microsoft Volume Licensing agreements.

You can license Microsoft Azure for your organization through your Enterprise Agreement enrollment or the Microsoft Online Subscription program. You can also work with an Azure partner to help you get your business in the cloud.

For Microsoft partners interested in selling Azure, please learn more about the Cloud Solution Provider Program.

For pricing information tailored to your requirements, please consult your reseller or use the Azure pricing calculator.

Azure licensing FAQ

Use the Azure pricing calculator to better understand of the pricing of Microsoft Azure Services. Prices shown on the calculator do not reflect any discounts that may be applied by Microsoft or your reseller.

Your Microsoft Azure subscription includes account management and billing support. Additional technical support for your Azure workloads is available through a variety of offers. Visit the Azure website for more information.

Many Microsoft products are licensed for use in Microsoft Azure via License Mobility through Software Assurance or the Hybrid Use Benefit. Refer to the Microsoft Product Terms document for specific terms related to use of Microsoft software products in Azure.

Microsoft understands the importance of earning your trust in Microsoft Azure and, consequently, we make security, privacy, transparency, and compliance constant priorities. For details, visit the Microsoft Azure Trust Center.

Datacenters are located worldwide. The access restrictions are based on customer location.

Azure is an excellent platform for system integrators and managed service providers who want to manage IT services on behalf of their customers. The Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program provides partners with the resources and tools to deliver cloud services effectively, including the resale of Azure Services, to your customers. Please visit the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program webpage for more information.


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