Global strategy, local implementation

The vast diversity of cultures, communities, and community concerns presents an opportunity to advance D&I on a global scale, while also remaining contextually relevant at the local level.

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Representation and inclusion

This past year we made representation progress across various categories, for many of the communities highlighted in our report*. Yet we have more work to do.

Pay equity highlights

Our pay equity analysis* accounts for factors, like job, title, level, and tenure in support of our commitment to pay employees equitably for substantially similar work. As of September 2023:

Self-identification, US and globally

When employees opt to participate in self-ID, the data helps us create a more inclusive experience for employees, informing principled program decisions on benefits, resourcing, and support.

2023 data highlights

The data* shows our steadfast commitment to the D&I work is yielding positive change. We will continue to push ourselves to understand more, share more, and do more.

*Data on this page is reflective of our core Microsoft business, which represents 83.8% of our broader Microsoft workforce and excludes minimally integrated companies.

A mission-driven priority

Our diversity and inclusion reports document our data, progress, and inclusion journey. With each report, we renew our commitment to our mission to consciously, intentionally include everyone.

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