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Beatriz Nebot Gracia
Product Manager, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management
8 min read

Transforming Supply Chains: Exploring Advanced AI-Powered Demand Forecasting and Demand Planning in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management 

In the ever-changing landscape of contemporary business, effective supply chain management is paramount. Central to this complex system is the critical process of demand planning and forecasting, which profoundly impacts a company’s capacity to fulfill customer requirements, optimize inventory, and maintain a competitive edge.
2 min read

Keep track of your trade policies with advanced export control 

Supply Chain Management lets you manage, track, and verify compliance with export control restrictions prior to confirming, picking, packing, shipping, and invoicing sales orders. The new advanced export control functionality allows you to manage your export control policies using a native Microsoft Dataverse solution that interfaces directly with your Supply Chain Management instance.
3 min read

Increase your supply resilience with multisourcing in Supply Chain Management 

For many years, companies have based their supply chain strategy on lowering costs and increasing efficiency. Often this resulted in relying on one supplier for important subcomponents, sometimes based offshore where labor is cheaper. During the pandemic, the world discovered that “lower costs and increase efficiency” is not a resilient strategy.

Use Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning to increase service and decrease lead time 

For better or worse, customers have come to expect short lead times. Responding to those expectations has become more complex from a supply chain perspective: product availability has become less predictable, which lowers forecast accuracy; parts have long lead times; and there’s pressure to maintain leaner inventories to reduce holding costs.