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Nahva Tecklu (Microsoft)
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New indexing in Business Process Modeler libraries 

In late 2017, we began investigating multiple reports that Business process modeler (BPM) search and Task guide Help were not working as expected. Based on our research, we determined that we needed to completely rewrite the indexing implementation. One of the requirements for the new implementation was to re-index over 60 million libraries.
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Restricted Admin Access with Platform 12 Updates 

If you’re a customer operating or implementing Finance and Operations, you are provided with a set of environments to enable development, testing, and production. User acceptance test (Sandbox Tier-2+) and production environments are managed by Microsoft, while your IT staff was responsible for managing developer and build environments.
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Updated BPM search and Task guide help broken 

Update (January 22, 2018) As of January 22, we are pleased to announce that all re-indexing tasks have been completed. We appreciate your patience during this time. Going forward, if you are experiencing any issues with search, follow the standard process for reporting an issue in LCS.