Projecting our voice for ERP Customers on Microsoft Dynamics SL

As we head into the fall conference season here at Microsoft, first out of the gate is the Microsoft Project Conference held a couple of weeks ago in Phoenix, AZ (the conference website can be found here for those of you interested in the event content) Microsoft Dynamics ERP had a strong presence at this event by virtue of the long-standing relationship between the Microsoft Project team and our own Microsoft Dynamics SL ERP application.

Microsoft Dynamics SL is our ERP application which specializes in helping project-driven mid-size organizations manage their projects to profitability through ERP capabilities including accounting, job costing, time collection, billing, financial reporting, resources and budget data, labor costs and more. It’s somewhat of a specialty market to be sure, but for the thousands of project-based customers on Microsoft Dynamics SL around North America, it’s their lifeline to profitability and staying on track—especially important in this economy. Anyway, back to the conference—lots of big announcements related to Project 2010 and really cool new features and functionality were highlighted. It’s an exciting release and Microsoft Dynamics SL plans to support the connection with Microsoft Office Project 2010. As more and more of our customers connect their systems and accelerate the sharing of information across applications, this connection will be really important for our Microsoft Dynamics SL customer base, and is just another example of why project-based organizations turn to Microsoft Dynamics SL—it works with what they have and what they’re moving to.  Visit the Microsoft Dynamics SL Test Drive site to see and learn more on the powerful value of this Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution.

Eldita Ginger,
Sr. Product Marketing Manager