ERP on Your Terms: Turn your business vision into reality with a solution that works the way you do.

Thinking about upgrading your business systems? If so, you're probably looking at today's enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, and you've uncovered several factors to weigh before choosing what's right for your business. For starters, you'll want a solution that delivers ERP on your terms instead of requiring you to change your processes to fit its constraints. After all, if a solution limits your flexibility from the start, how can it adapt to meet your future needs? And, you'll need to consider factors that go beyond features and functionality before you can choose a new solution with confidence. Cloud or on-premises deployment? Who will help you implement the software? Choices like these will have cost and other consequences. It's hard even to know all the questions to ask.

We can help. Join us for a series of blog posts that will equip you with key questions to get answered as you evaluate ERP options. We'll post a new question right here each week. You can also follow the discussion on Twitter at #ERPONYOURTERMS. Now, to get the discussion started, here's the first question:

Will the ERP solution fit the way we work, or will we need to change our processes to run it?

To answer this question, you'll need to be crystal clear about the core business processes your new ERP solution must support:

  • Accounting
  • Financial management
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply chain management
  • Project management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Human Resources and payroll

ERP solutions available today address these functional areas in different ways and to different degrees.

Be sure that the ERP system you choose requires very little customization to align with your business processes-particularly in the mission-critical areas. Don't settle for a solution that forces you to change the way your business operates to fit within its parameters. And do your homework on the size of customer each vendor serves. Some claim their solutions suit small and midsize businesses, but a closer look at their customer base suggests their success depends on larger companies. What might this say about their long-term commitment to your business?

Why Microsoft Dynamics ERP?

Name your business process and we can help you manage it-on your terms. Microsoft Dynamics has established a track record by meeting the needs of more than 350,000 customers and 5 million users worldwide. We've been serving small and midsize businesses for more than 25 years, winning customer references in all of the functional areas listed above. In addition, our global network of talented local Microsoft partners gives you access to deep technical and industry expertise to help you address your specific needs without overly complex and costly development and customization.

Let our customer stories speak for us. There's no better way to appreciate our solutions than to listen to the voices of our customers. Hear from people like yourself who gain business value every day from their Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions.

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Join us next week for a new blog post, when we'll discuss the question: Do you offer flexible deployment options across on-premises and cloud?

In the mean time, learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics ERP for small and midsize businesses can deliver ERP your terms.