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Ovum Research Highlights Trends in ERP Spending That Might Surprise You…

A recent survey by Ovum research reveals a significant trend in the ERP space: Global enterprise organizations overwhelmingly identify Microsoft Dynamics as the preferred vendor for their next ERP investment.

What does this mean for SAP customers? Well, if the best run businesses run SAP, soon many will join the growing list of customers who will be running Microsoft Dynamics AX right alongside it. Within the Ovum report, Lead Analyst Warren Wilson espouses the view that side-by-side ERP deployment is becoming the norm rather than the exception:

“Microsoft’s strong showing in Ovum’s ICT Enterprise Insights survey is hardly surprising. The company’s Dynamics product line is an increasingly attractive option for organizations looking to augment their legacy ERP systems with capable enterprise applications that are easy to deploy and integrate.”  

The chart is an excerpt of a study of 6700 across industries, geographies, and segments, from mid-market to enterprise and shows Microsoft Dynamics ranked as the most likely option for future ERP investment.

I’m sure this trend has something to do with ease of use, ease of deployment and configuration, and low cost of ownership of Microsoft Dynamics AX. But it also indicates the growing realization that most organizations can benefit from a two-tier ERP model. Even companies that have invested heavily in SAP recognize that they can enhance and extend their legacy systems by adopting Microsoft Dynamics AX as a platform for operational ERP. 

If your organization relies on SAP as your core ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you make the most of your investment by optimizing and connecting your operations—increasing agility of operations and delivering ERP functionality to all subsidiaries and business divisions, while maintaining the single source of enterprise business information that you benefit from with SAP.

Gartner shares this opinion, presenting the potential benefits of the two-tier model in a recent report. And some of the biggest brands in the world have proven it—with amazing results. Where will you make your next ERP investment? If you’re running SAP, your future might include Microsoft Dynamics AX. Join us at booth #700 @ SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando to see for yourself.