Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Meeting the Needs of Government Customers

All government workers, whether they work in a federal agency in Washington D.C., a state government department, or local law enforcement, share a common and fundamental priority — providing the best possible service to their constituents. Just as customers today expect more from businesses, citizens also have higher expectations of their government for premium customer service. Faced with these challenges and tight budgets, government needs to adapt. And fast. 

At Microsoft’s Government Cloud Summit in Washington, D.C., Microsoft announced the upcoming availability of Dynamics CRM Online for Government, targeted for availability in January 2015. We join Microsoft Azure Government and Office 365 for Government to provide the most complete cloud for U.S. government customers. CRM Online for Government will provide a secure environment for government organizations to collaborate in real time, leveraging an agile platform that is built for rapidly changing business requirements. The business application service enables departments and agencies to conduct the “business of government” in a secure cloud through case management, allowing our government customers to focus on their core mission requirements.

CRM Online for Government is designed to provide customers with familiar, intuitive solutions that government workers will love to use. With these capabilities, customers and partners can build mission critical solutions that meet the government’s rigorous security requirements. Together with our rich partner ecosystem, government customers can get solutions specifically built for government including Industry Templates from Microsoft for use with CRM 2015 that will help customers easily create tailored business processes, dashboards, business rules and automated workflows.

Customers will be able to leverage their investment in Microsoft through unified experiences and integration with Azure and Office 365 government clouds – ensuring access to applications in a secure environment anytime and anywhere. Designed for FedRAMP compliance, Dynamics CRM Online for Government will help organizations improve productivity, offering greater efficiency, ease of use, and collaboration. 

The January availability will introduce CRM Online into datacenters that will serve our U.S Government customers who will benefit from our deep commitment to high availability and disaster recovery by providing a financially backed SLA of 99.9%, redundancy in the primary datacenter as well as failover to our secondary location in the event of a disaster.

To help government agencies deliver great experiences that will help their communities thrive, we have designed Microsoft Dynamics CRM to deliver truly personalized, end-to-end experiences that customers will love. Dynamics CRM is built with backend work processes to help streamline response to improve service. With single sign-on, users can move seamlessly across applications and focus on getting greater insights from their data to drive greater impact and service to constituents.  

The U.S. government requires a connected, secure, and scalable cloud solution to meet its needs. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for Government joining Microsoft Azure Government and Office 365 for Government, Microsoft delivers the most complete Government Cloud solution.  No company is better positioned to help government agencies and partners. For more information on today’s announcement, please read today’s press release.  To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics solutions for government, please visit our website.

Bob Stutz
Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Dynamics CRM