The game of marketing has changed. Are you playing by the new rules?

Today’s landscape of digital and social tools, sophisticated analytics, and Internet-savvy consumers has resulted in a new frontier for marketers. Marketing has now entered the age of the empowered and informed buyer where the customer is at the center of every marketing decision. How can chief marketing officers (CMO’s) adapt to this new era of customer-centered and digitally-driven marketing?

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On the next episode of Modern Workplace, we’ll hear from two top CMO’s about how the role of the chief marketing officer is changing in business today and how they’re delivering the types of breakthrough experiences today’s sophisticated customers both expect and demand.



Join us for a live Q&A with Microsoft product specialists and our studio guests:


  • Chris Capossela, CMO of Microsoft, will discuss some of the digital engagement strategies his team is using to win business and build deep, lasting customer relationships.
  •  Amy Bohutinsky, CMO of Zillow Group, a leading online real-estate marketplace, will share some of the tips, best practices, and lessons-learned she’s acquired through growing Zillow’s marketing from the ground up.


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