Campaigning for Customers: How CRM Can Help

Winning customers is like running for the President of the United States; the competition is stiff and everyone seems to be full of it. Using the right CRM tools and resources makes running your campaign for business much smoother and more effective. Check out these tried and true campaigning tips that will help ensure you win the popular vote and close the deal.

Announce your candidacy: Let the people know who you are! Presidential candidates get the word out on which causes they represent, while kissing babies every step of the way. With customer service and marketing features from a cloud CRM, you can automate email campaigns and woo your customers into supporting you.

Campaign, campaign, campaign: Crafty politicians know just how to spin it. Stand out from the phonies with authentic and timely social customer engagements. 27% of total internet time in the U.S. is spent on social networking sites (Experian). These platforms provide an opportunity to track metrics, engage, and sell, all in one place. Ensuring you have the right CRM solution will make executing social customer relationship management a breeze.

Primary elections: Rock the vote! Companies that generate more than 1,000 Facebook Likes also receive nearly 1,400 website visits a day (HubSpot). Instigate organic web traffic by engaging and delighting your fans. Analytics and insights from within CRM can help you determine which sales and marketing campaigns are effective and which will leave you behind in the polls.

Nominees are announced: Congrats! You’ve networked, promoted and campaigned, and you’ve made it to the final round. Now, the relationship begins. Keep customer contact information and interactions organized and accessible for your entire organization. An inclusive CRM tool allows you to nurture and maintain relationships with your constituents providing relevant information to help you win their votes.

The votes are in: Thanks to properly executed customer relationship management, you’ve won the deal. It’s time to celebrate with your party. Corporate social network integration within CRM can help you share the news quickly and easily within your organization. Simply post a note on Yammer and tag others to give credit to those who helped you run a successful campaign. 

Inauguration:  It’s time to make it official. You want the signing process to be as simple and easy as possible; don’t forget the whole world is watching. A mobile CRM allows you to have documents signed while you’re on the go and integration with Word ensures your documents look clean and professional. Don’t forget the presidential seal!

Hail to the chief: Now comes the fun part, you get to serve the people. A complete CRM solution should provide sales and service capabilities so you can serve your customers well, even after the deal closes. Service information can also be used to help you sell additional products or services to existing customers. 

Find the CRM solution you need on the campaign trail