Launching the New ideas portal for CRM

We are excited to announce that today we launched the new ideas portal for CRM and its family of products.

Launching the new ideas portal for CRM

Help us to improve Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its family of products and solutions by discussing ideas, providing suggestions, and giving feedback. This tool uses the ideas module of our community portal solution with Microsoft Dynamics CRM backend. You will have access to the following forums on this site.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Microsoft Social Engagement

Parature, a Microsoft Company

Use these forums to submit your product ideas and suggestions. Search the forums to see if your idea already exists. If it does, you can vote for it and add comments. If your idea isn’t there, submit it. Your feedback goes to the teams working on these products and features. Read the posting guidelines and FAQs for more details.

With the launch of this portal, we are discontinuing the legacy “Dynamics Product Suggestion” connect site as our ongoing product suggestions site for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Social Engagement and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. The Preview team will continue to use the “Preview” Connect site to take Preview related feedback and support tickets.