Bring efficiency to your hiring process with Dynamics 365 for Talent: Attract

The Attract team makes listening and reacting to customer feedback a top priority.  Therefore, we are excited to announce new Public Preview features that focus on providing additional support to your hiring processes and bring efficiency and autonomy to your recruiting team!  Over the next few weeks we will publish a series of blog posts highlighting the capabilities listed below in more detail.

Maintain a focus on hiring 

Managers are focused on finding the right hire for the position.  However, there are many steps between the initial meeting to discuss the job requirements, to hiring the right person.   Recruiters don’t want to be slowed down by inefficient processes and waiting on others, they want to be recruiting the next hire!  Attract is paving the way for recruiting teams to gain autonomy in their process by providing the following features:


Career site – In a digital world, it is expected that software should bridge the gap between a business and its consumers.   However, bridging that gap can take time and resources.  By providing an out of the box career site, Attract empowers your recruiting team with an immediate reach to potential candidates, without having to put strain on an IT staff to build or administer a career site.  The career site can also be branded with your company logo.


Attract provides the ability to easily post jobs to the career site with a simple click.  Once a job has been activated the recruiting team can post the job without having to rely on an external team or process.


We round out the candidate facing experience with an effortless candidate application step.  Candidates have the option to upload their resume or leverage their LinkedIn profile.

Post jobs to LinkedIn – Reaching a broad audience is imperative in recruiting as the market for talent grows more competitive.  With Attract, you can conveniently post jobs to LinkedIn to reach your desired audience.  It really is as easy as a click of a button!  Once a job is activated, simply select to post the job to LinkedIn and reach your future hire.                                                                                                                          

Note:  LinkedIn job postings are visible only to customers who subscribe to one or more LinkedIn job listing products.

Flexibility without complexity

Attract supports the flexibility required by top recruiting professionals but recognizes the need to run as efficiently as possible.  Recruiters are constantly juggling a wide variety of positions and job requirements, working with a variety of hiring managers and multiple departments.  These factors combine to create the unique process for hiring the right individual. 


Job templates – Building on the core tenant of providing a configurable hiring process, Attract is introducing job templates.  With job templates, a library of processes can be built to support the uniqueness needed by recruiters while still delivering those processes efficiently.  Easily select the template when you begin creating the job and the process details default for you, streamlining your setup.



Integrated Offer management –   The end to end hiring process needs to flexible and collaborative, and that doesn’t stop once the top candidate has been selected. Those principles carry over into the offer process as well.  With an integrated offer management solution, formal offers can be prepared via templates or from a blank slate depending on the uniqueness of the offer. The hiring team can ensure that the candidate receives the correct offer by using collaborative approvals that provide visibility among the hiring team and key stakeholders.  Lastly, the recruiter can send the prepared offer to the candidate for their signature. Candidates can sign their offer digitally or decline the offer, keeping the recruiter updated real-time.