3 ways modern sales productivity technologies drive results for high-growth SMBs

Small and mid-sized companies (SMBs) are projected to grow 6-10 percent this year—more than twice as fast as the global GDP (3.4 percent). Successful SMBs are outfitting their sales teams with the skills and smarts to thrive in this fast-paced environment. From knowing what to do and how to do it fast, sales teams are relying on technology to fuel rapid growth.

In a recent survey by Deloitte, more than 50 percent of SMB leaders expect to invest in technologies such as automation and machine learning in the next one to two years. These technologies support a trending shift in the workplace away from low-value, routine tasks to higher-impact analysis and engagement.

For sales teams in SMBs, the push for modern sales technology can solve a number of challenges.

Increase visibility to maximize results

As SMB sellers juggle an increasing number of stakeholders, it gets harder to tailor and personalize interactions. Sellers need a holistic view of the customer’s interaction history so they have the context and knowledge to personalize every interaction with buyers.

To reduce complexity and distractions during high-growth phases, organizations need to provide proactive guidance, so sellers know exactly what steps to take during each phase of the sales cycle.

In the fast-paced, dynamic environments that SMBs operate in, sellers often receive conflicting messages about goals. What’s most important —increasing sales or building pipeline? Increasing the average deal size or closing more deals? For the organization to achieve its sales goals, sellers and leaders need a single, real-time view of top metrics and KPIs to drive coordinated action and decision-making.

Streamline sales workflow

While unintended, new sales tools are often an added burden on sellers. New sales tools, if not intuitive and integrated into the seller’s daily routine and workflow, distract sellers and drag out the sales cycle. Modern sales force automation (SFA) solutions work together with tools sellers already use, like Office 365, so sellers can manage deals wherever they work.

Sellers work increasingly on the go, and modern sales tools need to support anytime, anywhere access with mobile applications across web, smartphone, and tablet that provide the data and insights sellers need to close deals.

Transform sales productivity

On the right technology platform like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional, the sales tools are a natural extension to the irreplaceable selling skills and personalized connections with customers that organizations rely on to grow.

Get started today within hours, not weeks or months, with a solution that fits your business needs to transform sales productivity.

Watch the video below to learn how Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional modernizes sales productivity—so you’re always a step ahead.