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Growing a business is no easy feat. When revenue growth doesn’t meet projections, deducing what’s killing your revenue can be like cracking the case on a Whodunit mystery case. Where should you start searching for the first clues?

A new e-book explores the top five culprits that can derail revenue and stop growth dead in its tracks. If you want to sustain high growth, you’ll need to defeat the revenue killers lurking in your sales and marketing processes and technologies, including:

  • Leaky sales funnels: while marketing celebrates a record number of qualified leads, sales is often stuck with a stack of leads that won’t convert—a sure sign of a major disconnect between sales and marketing. In the e-book, we explore why and how to make the shift to full funnel marketing—a tried and true method to coordinate shared accountability and goal setting for conversion efforts.
  • Unused prospect data: For many organizations, it’s not the quantity of insightful data about prospects that’s missing. It’s the inability to harness it to effectively engage the buyer. We’ll explore the latest expert approaches to automate customer relationships and sales force processes which is key to organize prospect data, filter it, understand the story it’s telling, and then activate it to convince potential customers to engage with you.
  • Failing to build trust. When you’re under pressure to drive revenue, it’s easy to overlook the fact that every valid lead represents an actual thinking, feeling person. Our lead routing list checks the boxes on empathetic marketing tactics to show you care about each lead’s needs, driving better customer experiences and higher revenue.
  • Spending too much time doing busy work, not enough time selling: Research shows that sales reps spend only 36.6 percent of their time selling. We explore the biggest time-wasters that companies encounter across sales and marketing and ten solid techniques to increase productivity of your sales team.
  • Failing to close. Too many salespeople consider closing a deal as a moment in time rather than a process. B2B sales expert Jill Konrath steps through 10 tough questions to ask throughout the sales process to build the relationship to a natural close.

Compiled with expert advice from five B2B sales experts, our new e-book is an essential read for sales and marketing strategies, tactics, and frameworks to help your growing business increase revenue. Grab your copy to start defeating the revenue killers roaming around your sales and marketing funnels.

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