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Dynamics 365

Working together to support our mutual customers

Every customer is unique. Their industry, their size, the regions they operate in, their business model, and even their culture make them distinct from other firms. At Microsoft we believe it’s important to serve our customers with platforms and services that empower them to achieve more. With this as our North Star mission, we work continually with integrated software vendors (ISVs) to bring unique capabilities to our mutual customers through their applications and services.

This year we elevated our focus on the SaaS line-of-business applications space by creating the Business Applications ISV Connect program. We will better serve customers in all industries by partnering more closely with ISVs to both drive additional innovation and help those ISVs extend their reach to more customers and markets. We are excited about the momentum we’re seeing for the program and the benefits our customers are experiencing. Since the launch of the program four months ago, we’ve already seen over 700 partners begin enrollment in the program, and more than 250 partners have already published more than 550 certified or recertified apps in the AppSource marketplace. And most importantly, we’re seeing customers achieve business results, like Società Gas Rimini (SGR).

Working together to serve customers

Microsoft and Ferranti Computer Systems worked together to help SGR solve a complex IT problem. SGR is an Italian private gas company with a priority to improve client service. Their current systems used a combination of a CRM solution, a separate billing platform, and a custom middle tier to tie them all together. This solution created too much complexity to be governed in an efficient way,  so SGR committed to update their legacy applications toward a goal of breakthrough service

“We needed to have a solution that helps us use the competencies of people in the business, not in solving technical problems” said Fabio Brancaleoni, General Manager Utilia, at SGR.

In looking to create a new system that would be sustainable for the future, SGR worked with Ferranti and Microsoft and chose MECOMS 365, an application based on Microsoft Dynamics and the Microsoft Power Platform. MECOMS 365 is an ERP solution for energy and utility companies that provides the modularity of a cloud-based solution, is user centric, and works seamlessly with the Microsoft clouds Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Office 365. SGR now has a solution that provides for a more natural experience for its employees and is also flexible to extend over time.

Watch the Ferranti video below to learn more.

See how building on Dynamics 365 lets Microsoft partner Ferranti drive innovation around metering and contract management for energy company SGR.

Microsoft Business Applications ISV Connect program

We make a variety of benefits available for Dynamics 365 ISVs to work with Microsoft to help customers. The ISV Connect program provides the technical and business support for ISVs to provide industry specific capabilities on top of a modern modular platform.

“Microsoft is investing so much in cloud, AI, data and it’s moving so fast and this ISV Connect program allows us to keep up with the pace and then translate that innovation to the customer so they can benefit from that.” – Johan Vandekerckhove, Chief Commercial Officer, MECOMS Ferranti.

Each partner has unique needs and can benefit from the program in ways that suit their requirements. One example is the co-selling and co-marketing benefits available to ISVs who place an app in the Premium Tier. JayThom for example, likes the opportunity to work with Microsoft salespeople across many regions to help them expand their reach.

“The Microsoft Business Applications ISV program provides a little partner like us access to global sales teams and that ability to scale at levels we could never have dreamed of.” – Brett Yorgey, Managing Director for JayThom

Watch the JayThom video below to learn more.
JayThom and the Microsoft Business Applications ISV Connect Program.

Learn more about how you can benefit from the Microsoft Business Applications ISV Connect program.