How your growing businesses can compete and win on the customer experience

Can you imagine losing customers everyday? That’s what could happen after a bad experience with your organization. According to a recent report by PWC, 32 percent of customers will walk away after just one bad experience. As digital native companies continue to elevate customer expectations for personalized sales and always-on support, growing organizations need to find innovative ways to deliver an exceptional customer experience with a fraction of the resources.

We know there are unique challenges faced by small and medium companies in meeting these expectations. Roles get too stretched, developing technology environments can create disconnects between marketing and sales, and resources are spread too thin. However, studies including this report by PWC indicate that 82 percent of customers want a seamless, cross-channel experience with more human interaction. The challenge each business leader must tackle is finding ways to meet those expectations by actively empowering and aligning their marketing and sales initiatives—all in the name of better serving the customer.

In smaller companies where it’s common for company resources to play many roles, and sales and marketing roles may be blurred, every company-facing employee needs easy access to customer data, an understanding of the health of their accounts, and where their customers are in their journey. As small businesses build out their operational rigor, they’re looking for solutions to guide them through best practices and to surface insights in line with their business activities to maximize outcomes. In terms of technology, they look for solutions that are easy to purchase, easy to deploy, and easy to configure. Finally, most small businesses don’t stay small forever, they need solutions that can scale as they grow.

Join our guest speaker Kate Leggett, Vice President, and Principal Analyst at Forrester as she shares her insights on unique challenges faced by small and midsize business (SMB) organizations in their customer experience journey and some best practices to overcome them. As part of the webinar, Kate dives into the importance of aligning strategy, process, people, and technology and why it’s important to put the customer at the center of all of your activities. Kate also talks about the need for executive sponsors to foster and nurture customer engagement strategy, and how to build a collaborative process for sales and marketing to work together to understand their target audience, segment prospects, and develop the right communication plan.

Register for the webinar to learn how to:

  • Uncover the key attributes you should be looking for in your sales and marketing technology.
  • See examples of how leading organizations leverage a customer-centric approach toward strategy, people, processes, and technology.
  • Gain insight into what customers are looking for from an experience standpoint through each stage of the buyer journey.
  • Discover how to create a pilot initiative that brings these best practices to life.

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