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Dynamics 365

Improve the leave and absence experience across the organization

In the complex world of human resources, organizations often find it challenging to manage and administer employee leave and absence plans in a competitive and compliant way. Each country and company have unique needs and programs to effectively manage employees’ time away from work.

With leave and absence impacting every employee in an organization, streamlining processes and providing employees with the information they need are critical to a company’s digital transformation. In early October 2019, we announced an agreement to license the leave and absence capabilities from FourVision that will start to be introduced to Dynamics 365 Human Resources in the  2020 release wave 1. Today we’re excited to dive deeper into these capabilities and how they will help organizations stay compliant, while also helping employees with the leave benefits they expect.

Suspend leave for employees meeting certain criteria

For some organizations, employees on certain types of leave, such as long-term leave, need to have their other leave suspended for the duration of that leave. Dynamics 365 Human Resources will support this scenario by allowing HR professionals to define start and end dates for the leave suspension and prorate the leave accrual based on those suspension dates. This streamlines the leave suspension process by automating key aspects and eliminating manual intervention resulting in more accurate results.

Create leave rules to meet company and regulatory policies

Organizations each have unique needs related to employee time off. Whether it’s driven company policy or regulations required by the government, they need to be able to configure a leave and absence system to fit their business processes.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources will enable organizations to:

  • Define leave expiration rules. Reduce the need for leave and absence managers to manually remove employees from leave plans and adjust balances.
  • Specify carryforward to different leave types. Enable human resources managers to create policies around carryforward being used within a certain period of time when used in conjunction with leave expiration rules.
  • Automatically adjust leave for bank holiday corrections. Streamline the accrual process by automatically making adjustments instead of leave and absence managers manually adjusting employee balances to account for bank holidays.
  • Accrue based on full-time equivalent (FTE). Simplify leave and absence management by allowing for a single leave plan to be used for both full-time and part-time employees.
  • Round leave balances. Provide employees with a better understanding of the days they have available for time off requests.

By providing this type of flexibility, organizations are able to configure leave to meet specific needs.

Review who is and isn’t at work via calendars

Being able to see who is and isn’t at work helps managers determine which requests should be approved or not. It also gives HR a view into who is taking time off and when. Dynamics 365 Human Resources will support not only managers and HR with a calendar view of time off, but employees as well. These calendars can be configured to show both pending and approved time off as well as when a calendar is available to view.

Calendar view within Dynamics 365 Human Resources showing multiple team member’s calendars.

Allow employees to buy and sell leave

It’s becoming more and more common for organizations to provide employees with the ability to either buy more leave to take additional time or sell their existing leave to increase their pay. Dynamics 365 Human Resources will provide HR professionals with a way to configure when employees can buy and sell their leave, along with the prices for doing so. Along with that, buy and sell requests can go through an approval process to enable the organization to control when and how much leave is being bought and sold.

Team member’s dashboard view within Dynamics 365 Human Resources of buying and selling leave.

Learn more about Dynamics 365 Human Resources

The new leave and absence features join a full range of HR capabilities within Dynamics 365 Human Resources that help your organization create a workplace where employees can thrive. Learn more about these and other upcoming capabilities planned in the 2020 release wave 1, including new benefit plan configurations, and explore more ways your HR team can access the workforce insights needed to build data-driven employee experiences across HR functions including compensation, benefits, leave and absence, compliance, payroll integrations, performance feedback, training and certifications, and self-service programs.