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Connect with finance leaders at Finance Reimagined—a free digital event

There’s still time to join today’s free Finance Reimagined virtual CFO summit. Connect with industry icons and peers. Expand your network and get insights from savvy CFOs as they share their perspectives on the impact of COVID-19, how their organizations pivoted in response, and how they plan to transform for the future.

As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told the New York Times, reimagination leverages “innovations born of necessity … like remote control of manufacturing processes, AI bots helping diagnose patients, and more effective distance-learning technologies.”

Modern finance leaders are not only responding and recovering from the global health crisis, but they are also implementing Satya’s advice by reimagining the future of business by accelerating automation and digital transformation. In today’s virtual summit, CFOs share their proven insights and strategies for their own enterprise’s reimagination and continued transformation.

Key themes we explore in this summit include how to:

  • Sustain core financial processes
  • Provide engaging analytics to support quick decisions
  • Empower productive remote work while maintaining employee engagement
  • Enable a safe return to the office process while creating more permanent remote roles and balancing a hybrid workforce

Gain valuable insights from finance leaders

Hear from thought leaders on immediate actions they took to sustain core financial processes during the pandemic, how they’re continuing to reduce costs in a shifting business and economic landscape, and how they plan to leverage lessons learned to transform for the future. Hear their specific tactics and case studies for how they’ve maintained liquidity and forecasted cash flow, cut costs while investing in the future, and secured access to critical financial data and reporting — all while mitigating risk from fraud, supply chain disruptions, customer disruption, and ongoing uncertainty.

Learn more about how finance roles are transforming with changing skill sets, growing responsibilities, and the shift to remote work. Utilize leaders’ tips and best practices for taking a data-first approach to harmonize productivity and wellbeing in this work-from-home environment.

Discover how they’re building agility into core processes to prepare for and rapidly respond to future emergencies, taking proactive actions that leverage AI-driven insights, and improving accuracy of and time to completion for forecasting and scenario analysis using machine learning. This focus on automating finance processes and operations allows time for finance teams like yours to perform strategic work as a key part of reimagining for the future.

Keynotes from Rebecca Henderson (Harvard Business School), AstraZeneca, and Unilever

Participate in sessions with keynote speakers, including economist Rebecca Henderson, the John and Natty McArthur University Professor at Harvard Business School, as well as Mark Fowler of AstraZeneca and Ritesh Tiwari of Unilever.

Attend live Q&As

Ask questions and get answers from Microsoft experts and event speakers during a live Q&A session.

Create or join a roundtable

Wonder how your peers are using this time to move forward and reimagine the future? Join a small roundtable or create your own to look at innovative ways to tackle today’s challenges.

Connect with peers

There are more than 2,000 finance leaders from top companies around the world attending this summit. Expand your network, share, and learn by connecting with peers through small roundtables and breakout sessions

Register now

Now’s the time to register for the Finance Reimagined virtual CFO summit. Don’t miss out on this event and the opportunity to discuss challenges, best practices, and lessons learned as finance organizations continue to respond to, recover from, and reimagine the future post-COVID-19. Capture insights from thought leaders and see how targeted solutions can address your key challenges. Directly connect with peers to build your network and get outside perspectives. Sign up now and join today.

What: Finance Reimagined virtual CFO summit

When: February 24, 2021